Earth Science Tech, Inc. Engages Counsel to Prepare an Offering Through a Regulation A+, Tier 2

Doral, FL,, Dec. 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Earth Science Tech, Inc. (OTC PINK: ETST) ("ETST" or, the “Company"), an innovative biotech company that operates in the fields of hemp cannabinoid (CBD), nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, medical device, research and development, engages counsel to prepare an offering for shares of its common stock to be qualified by the SEC under Tier II of Regulation A+.

Regulation A+ was enacted as part of the Jobs Act in 2015 as a quicker path for small companies to raise capital than a traditional registration with the SEC. While, a Tier II offering under Regulation A+ is similar to a registration filed on Form S-1, the SEC review and approval process is designed to be much faster and less cumbersome for companies. The Company understands that currently average time for approval of a Regulation A+ offering is less than two-and-a-half months, as compared to traditional S-1 registrations, which commonly take in excess of 6 months to become effective. The Company’s audit is proceeding on schedule, and is planned to be finalized before the end of 2017. The timely completion of the audit not only means that the Company will be eligible for Tier II instead of Tier I of its planned Regulation A+ offering, but the Company is optimistic that its demonstrated commitment to increased transparency for investors and the public markets will help it attract larger retail and institutional investors in the near future.

ETST intends to raise capital in order to finalize and commercialize its projects through Earth Science Pharmaceutical and Cannabis Therapeutics. As previously announced, the Company’s MSN-2 medical device is prepared for third-party evaluation and then to be manufactured and commercialized. The Company has projected costs for its MSN-2 medical device of approximately $500,000 for all of the aforementioned tasks to be completed. It is projected to generate over $2 million in revenue during the first year of production alone, based on sales through its current distribution channels. As we already mentioned ETST is in the process of developing a partnership agreement to reach the Vietnamese market for the MSN-2 medical device and more recently the Nanoderm™ dressing, that it believes is imminent. ETST is also in contact with potential Brazilian distributors for its MSN-2 medical device, as well.

The Company plans to raise an additional $1 million through its Regulation A+ offering, which it will use to complete further studies on its two pharmaceutical cannabidiol (CBD) based generic drugs, and for the completion of its three CBD formula provisional patents based on University of Central Oklahoma and DV Biologics studies. The completion of the three patents will provide the company with three new patent-pending products to license and add to the Company’s current growing distribution channel, and its new Mr. Checkout distribution network as well. These developments will directly contribute to new, larger recurring revenue streams for the Company. Finally, the Company also plans to raise $2.5 million for future clinical studies, the addition of new product lines, to meet production requirements, to purchase  inventory, and for general working capital. In total, the Company plans to raise an aggregate of $4 million pursuant to its planned offering, for which it will seek SEC qualification under Tier II of Regulation A+.

 As mentioned in November, ETST plans on up-listing to the OTCQB market tier within the first quarter of 2018. With the filing, approval and successful completion of the planned Tier II, Regulation A+ offering, the Company would not only have the capital needed to finalize its projects and be positioned to realize a significant increase in revenues, and it will simply need to file Form 8A with the SEC  to be a fully reporting Company. ETST’s management believes in keeping its integrity and its shareholders best interests in mind in its decisions and actions. So, in keeping with that guiding principle, the Company’s officers have been in discussions with its founder(the majority shareholder) to cancel and return to treasury, a portion of the shares it holds. The cancellation, if successful, could be as much as  one-for-one with shares sold in the planned offering. This would mean that, upon completion of the offering, there would not be an increase in the total number of shares outstanding as a result of the offering. This would have the benefit of increasing the Company’s value, initially by the amount raised, and ultimately should provide greater earnings per share than would exist if shares were not canceled and returned because the funds raised are anticipated to provide continuing additional revenue and earnings. A definitive agreement has not yet been finalized and we are continuing discussions on the topic, but would  be finalized prior to filing of the offering with the SEC. Once a number of the shares to be canceled has been established, the Company will update its shareholders.

ETST’s CEO & Chief Science Officer, Dr. Michel Aube stated, “With the funds being raised through the Regulation A+ offering, we will be in a position to begin finalizing all of our projects while we pursue grants from the Canadian government to cover our MSN-2 medical device, CBD patent pending formulas, and  CBD based generic pharmaceutical drugs. We would finally be in a position to initiate further studies with University of Montreal as well. I am very excited for 2018 and all that we have coming.”

Nickolas S. Tabraue, ETST’s President, Director, & COO stated, “We are grateful that our founding shareholder has demonstrated such selfless commitment to the success of our Company. Their willingness to forgo retention of a significant amount of shares in returning them to treasury not only represents an immediate increase in book value  per share for all of our shareholders, but is indicative of the passion and commitment to our success.”

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About Earth Science Pharmaceutical: Earth Science Pharmaceutical, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Earth Science Tech, Inc (ETST). Earth Science Pharmaceutical is focused on becoming a world leader in the development of low cost, non-invasive diagnostic tools, medical devices, testing processes and vaccines for STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections and/or Diseases). Earth Science Pharmaceutical CEO, Dr. Michel Aubé, a renowned scientist, is committed to help grow ETST in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

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About Cannabis Therapeutics: Cannabis Therapeutics, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Earth Science Tech, Inc. (ETST). Cannabis Therapeutics, Inc. was formed as an emerging biotechnology company poised to become a world leader in cannabinoid research and development for a broad line of cannabis cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals as well as other products & solutions. Cannabis Therapeutics mission it to help change the healthcare landscape by introducing their proprietary cannabis-cannabinoid based products made for both the pharmaceutical and retail consumer markets worldwide.

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