DALLAS, Dec. 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zenergy Brands, Inc. (OTCQB: ZNGY), the nation’s leading next-generation utility, is excited to announce today its new Carbon Footprint Reduction Counter on its new corporate website, ZenergyBrands.com. This new Carbon Footprint Reduction Counter will show in real-time the effectiveness of Zenergy’s suite of responsible energy conservation, smart controls, and efficiency-based products and how each installation positively impacts the environment and the nation.

The carbon footprint is the overall amount of greenhouse gas emissions, consisting primarily of carbon dioxide, associated with an organization and is one of the most common measures of the effect of a community, industry, or country on the environment. With every Zero Cost customer contract, the company is able to make a considerable positive impact on the environment; this counter will reflect each and every contract that Zenergy enters into.

Once companies and municipalities understand the effect that their carbon footprint has on the planet, they often want to know how they can reduce both their utility costs and their carbon footprint. This is where Zenergy steps in to assist with expert analysis and effective sustainability solutions, without the premium costs normally associated with “going green” initiatives. Zenergy’s trademarked Zero Cost Program ™ focuses on reducing electricity, natural gas and water consumption levels for commercial, industrial and municipal end-use customers across the entire United States.

The purpose of this online ecosystem is to educate customers, prospective customers and shareholders alike about Zenergy’s impact on our nation’s Carbon Footprint. With this new Carbon Reduction Counter, you will be able to see Zenergy’s impact on the Carbon Footprint in real-time, with each new customer contract.

Zenergy CEO, Alex Rodriguez, commented, “I have never been more privileged in my career than to head up a company that can immediately and positively impact the bottom line for our clients, while at the same time causing a significant and measurable positive impact on our environment.”


Zenergy Brands, Inc. (OTCQB: ZNGY), is a next-generation energy and technology company operating in the emerging smart energy, conservation, and utility industries. The Company provides energy conservation, smart controls, and efficiency-based products and services to commercial, industrial and municipal end-use customers. The Company specializes in reducing utility expenses (electricity, natural gas, and water) by 20% to as much as 60% in some cases through its cutting-edge Zero Cost Program. Zenergy is a public company, fully reporting to the SEC and currently trading on the OTCQB, a venture market designed for early-stage and developing U.S. and international companies.

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