Mixolo Mobile App to Launch Spring 2018

Solos to find their tribe with the Mixolo mobile app, available soon for both IOS and Android devices


BALTIMORE, Dec. 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mixolo, the in-real-life social network, today announced that its much-anticipated mobile app will launch in Spring of 2018.

Mixolo (Mix + Solo) is a thriving community of solo adults who, regardless of their relationship status, want to venture out on their own, have fun and enjoy life.

“Single-shaming and table-for-one insecurities have many of us opting out of social experiences and activities for fear of being judged,” said Mixolo Founder and CEO, Carolyn Lynch. “Mixolo exists for people who understand that being solo does not equate to being alone.”

Members have access to individual hosts who are committed to accommodating groups of solos that want to connect with like-minded people who share an affinity for various pastimes. The Mixolo approach to “Finding Your Tribe” ensures that member engagement will lead to more profound connections with new acquaintances.

Professionally planned events, activities and other experiences create an all-inclusive atmosphere for solos, irrespective of age, race, religion or gender. Members can choose from laid-back gatherings, unique culinary and cultural events, sporting, theatre and dramatic arts, distinctive travel experiences, immersive skills workshops and bootcamps.

Over the years, social media platforms designed to stimulate interaction have fallen out of favor. Mixolo is a reflection of consumer desire for in-person interaction.

“Because it’s neither a dating app nor a professional meetup platform, Mixolo removes superficiality while safeguarding member identities,” added Lynch. “Our goal is to create a forum that fosters independence, empowers individuals to opt-in to life and to share experiences with groups of like-minded people.”

The mobile app will safeguard members’ privacy. After meeting in person at an event, members have the choice of messaging each other through Mixolo or continuing to keep their personal contact information to themselves.

For event hosts, Mixolo represents an opportunity to reach a new, highly targeted audience. The Event Marketplace within the mobile app is a centralized self-service hub for hosts to populate with their events.

“The Event Marketplace will be a pipeline for established venues and hosts to create events that are solo-friendly and provide a level of comfort that welcomes people to hang out and mingle with new groups,” added Lynch. “People today are more independent than ever before, and Mixolo helps to remove the stigma for those who are not used to going solo.”  

According to a Pew Research study, Millennials tend to buck traditional life milestones like marriage; only one in five millennials have tied the knot, the study found. Survey results show that Millennials are by far the most independent generation, with 50 percent of the "selfie" generation identifying as such. The study also shows that 39 percent of Gen Xers and 37 percent of Baby Boomers consider themselves independent.

“Nothing drives strong communities better than in-person and live interactions,” Ian Altman, the integrity-based sales and growth expert told Forbes recently. In the article, forecasting the top ten business trends for 2018, Altman highlights how communities embrace in-person over virtual interactions on social media.

Social media technology cannot replace the appeal of in-person interactions. Mixolo and its new mobile app combine the comfort of social media with face-to-face interaction, providing solos with an ideal entrée to social engagement. Mixolo prides itself on the bond it has developed with its early adopters and continues to evolve alongside its ever-growing community of active solos.

“Our goal is to foster a welcoming atmosphere that encourages people to move past excuses like not being able to find a plus-one and live their lives to the fullest,” said Lynch.

“It’s about self-accountability for people who want to try new things and meet new people,” Lynch added.  “That means no more backing out of an adventure because you don’t want to go alone, or keeping a hobby or passion to yourself simply because none of your friends share the same interest.”

Visit www.mixolo.io today and opt-in to life. No plus-one required.

Mixolo is a real life social network. We are building a social community of coactive solo adults, regardless of relationship status, who want to go out and engage and connect with interesting and like-minded people at specially designed events and experiences. We want our members to go solo without the stigma. You'll be glad you came.

Visit www.mixolo.io for additional information.  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Mostafa Razzak