TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Dec. 21, 2017) - Finding a trustworthy locksmith in Toronto and the surrounding area can often be quite challenging. Homeowners should be searching out companies that are members of The Association of Ontario Locksmiths that have master locksmiths available to carry out the work.

Individuals have been known to knock at the doors of unsuspecting homeowners to offer their services and gather up business. No one should trust their locks in the hands of a person claiming to be a locksmith without first making sure that he works for a legitimate company. In terms of safety, homeowners must be vigilant in terms of the Toronto locksmith they are using and the types of locks they purchase. Installation is also a factor since the highest security locks available won't work properly if they are not installed correctly.

According to the CEO of Locksmith Care, "Some people fail to realize that the locks on our doors are often the determining factor as to whether a house will be burglarized or not. A thief can easily distinguish a high-security lock from a regular lock and will often make his decision to enter a home based on the type of lock he sees. Locks are our first line of defense against crime and they must be installed correctly to provide proper security."

Consumers are encouraged to locate companies that are insured, fully-licensed and offer a warranty on the installed hardware and services. Security risks have risen to an all-time high in Toronto and it's up to homeowners to use due diligence when hiring a locksmith company.

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Locksmith Care was founded in 1961 and is a family-owned business offering reliable and affordable emergency and security services for both businesses and residential customers. The company dispatches master locksmiths in downtown Toronto and the GTA to replace, repair and install all types of locks and to replace keys in lockout situations.

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