Doral, FL, Dec. 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Earth Science Tech, Inc. (OTC PINK: ETST) ("ETST" or, the “Company"), an innovative biotech company that operates in the fields of hemp cannabinoid (CBD), nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and  medical device R&D shares the Company’s achievements throughout the year ended 2017 and what’s to come in 2018.

“This past year has been amazing,” stated Michel Aubé PhD, Chief Science  Officer. “I am elated about the start of the New Year given all that we accomplished in 2017. We implemented a development plan for the coming three years and opened new manufacturing and shipping facilities which position us perfectly to realize our long-term vision. We have built the foundation and infrastructure the Company needs to succeed long-term. Fiscally, we began the process of up-listing from the Pink Sheet to OTCQB and we will complete this process early in 2018. This up-listing will position us to bring aboard institutional investors and I feel that we are now on the way to becoming the next billion-dollar (in-capitalization) company on the OTC Markets.”

ETST completed populating its Scientific Advisory Board with a team of recognized scientists. The Company also identified and secured an ideal research center to complete the development of three of its targeted nutraceuticals in its new-product pipeline. A year in review provides the following:

In January, Earth Science Tech signed a Marketing & Media Agreement with Pearls of Health and appointed Gabriel Aviles as Chief Sales Officer (CSO).

Since the addition of Gabriel Aviles as CSO, the growth of the market has been appreciable. New partnerships with multiple distributors of dietary supplement stores all across USA have drastically increased the Company’s sales and exposure. Gabriel Aviles continued, “My team of representatives already has the best-quality, full spectrum industrial hemp oil and derived products on the market and our product offerings will become still better with the launch of the incredible products we are developing. In 2017 we nearly doubled our sales over 2016 and sales will continue to skyrocket in the coming years  both in the USA, and in the new markets we plan open in neighboring and overseas countries.”

January also saw the launch of a chocolate product manufactured through a joint venture with Karmavore SuperFood, which was a great success, complimenting the Company’s CBD line. As well as signing Sergio Castillo as the Company’s Chief Marketing Officer, enhancing ETST’s image and achieving successful brand exposure, the market for products derived from hemp oil is growing and ETST will continue to surprise consumers with new innovative recipes in 2018.

In February the Company launched Cannabis Therapeutic Inc., a new division whose purpose is to develop proprietary cannabinoid-based nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical products using Earth Science Tech’s existing Cannabis CBD Patent, IP, and future technologies to be developed. The Company engaged two new Cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical drugs and three new advanced Cannabinoid-based nutraceutical products in collaboration with Smart Medicine, Inc. an independent laboratory based in Le Centre Québecois d'Innovation en Biotechnologie (CQIB) in Laval, Québec

ETST also acquired Canna Inno Laboratories Inc., a company headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This acquisition is allowing the Company access to government grants offered to companies for innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. Applications for grants have already been filed and the Company anticipates announcing a responses to the first request in Q1 2018. The existence of this Canadian division will help extend the collaboration between ETST resources in Canada and USA, and allow the company to have up to 50% of all R&D expenditures covered by grants from governmental or private sources.

In Marsh ETST commenced leasing the required manufacturing facility for the production of the MSN-2 medical device and began the first round of negotiations with foreign health authorities for the MSN-2’s commercialization. This product will be launched in select countries in 2018, which will be the beginning of the success story for this unique tool that will allow women to take their health needs in their own hands. It will allow women to protect themselves and their future babies from Chlamydia and other sexually transmitted infections (STI). ETST is proud to participate in the fight to counter the spread of STI and their devastating effects on the sexual organs of women.

In April ETST joined the fight against the most common cancer that afflicts women, breast cancer. For a couple of years, ETST has known that Cannabidiol (CBD) - the most abundant cannabinoid in hemp oil - has proven anti-breast cancer properties. ETST launched the development of proprietary prophylactic therapies to prevent breast cancer, and a treatment to help women with aggressive breast cancer.

At the end of May, ETST launched several new products, including Strawberry Orange Blossom CBD oil, its CBD Organic Chocolate line, and Pet CBD oil; ETST’s management team found an opportunity to step into the recreational vape/smoke market by partnering with Varsity Group, LLC(a Kanna ingredient based e-liquid company).

ETST launched its new wholly-owned subsidiary, KannaBidioid Inc., entering into a joint venture with Varsity Group, LLC. The new subsidiary is manufacturing and distributing vape products/e-liquids and gummy edibles to fulfill the demand and product needs in many vape/smoke shops.

In June ETST signed an agreement with Absolu Communications, one of Canada’s most prestigious integrated web and communications companies, for the branding and rollout of ETST’s much-anticipated MSN-2 medical device. At year end, the branding - including the brand name, visual identity (logo, packaging, artwork), and marketing language around the new product are close to being announced. In 2018, Absolu will develop a secure transactional website for online sales, and then deliver a communications and marketing plan for the rollout of the new device.

In August ETST signed an agreement with the Centre de Développement Bioalimentaire du Québec (CDBQ), a major force in the agro-food industry in Canada. Based in La Pocatière, Quebec, CDBQ specializes in helping companies develop the processes needed to take a prototype agro-food or nutraceutical product to industrial-scale production for the marketplace. CDBQ boasts a bio-food incubator, a 30,000 square foot $10 million facility that houses seven separate factories equipped with cutting-edge equipment and technology.

ETST signed a new partnership with Brazilian company, Bionatus. Inc., to participate in the manufacturing, distribution, and development of cannabis (CBD) products. With Bionatus, ETST is working to develop a treatment against asthma that will be unique and sold across the country in the near future. This market is very huge and the product will represent a new income stream.

In September a strategic agreement was signed with Axcelon Biopolymers Corp. for the distribution of their Nanoderm™ medical device was signed. The agreement adds potential success to ETST’s foreign market development as – along with the MSN-2 medical device - ETST now has two medical devices to catch the eyes of foreign medical device distributors. 

In October ETST announced it is cooperating with the Clinique SIDA Amité (AIDS Friendship Clinic) for a mini-clinical trial, the last trial needed before the MSN-2 device enters molecular diagnostic trials.


In November ETST initiated audit process to up-list to the OTCQB market and began a pre-launch human trials on a new CBD formula to fight against the U.S. opioid epidemic. The new formula is based on industrial hemp CBD oil mixed with a known natural ingredient proven to help increase dopamine levels. The formula is expected to decrease cravings and the alleviate negative effects of withdrawals in addicts.

The Company announced a new partnership agreement that will provide entry into the Vietnamese market. Our plan is to have Vietnam  join Djibouti and Morocco as the early launch markets for ETST medical devices while the Company waits for regulatory permission to launch in North America.

In December the marketing efforts done in 2017 succeeded in significantly increasing the volume of sales in the USA and had great exposure with ETST’s first expo. ETST plans to revamp its cannabinoid products in the beginning of 2018 to promote its full spectrum hemp oil products, which are now ready to fully launch on market. The Company has taken the steps necessary to fully satisfy the demands of our consumers with our new major distributor.

At year end, The Company plans to have everything in place to initiate a Tier II round of financing under Regulation A+  in 2018. The goal will be to raise $4 million to complete all the actual planned projects. 

ETST’s president, Director, & COO concluded the year with the following statement, “We have had a very successful year building ETST’s brand, increasing our exposure, building a solid team of dedicated professionals, and positioning ourselves for an explosive sales growth and a successful 2018. We plan on bringing three new officers to our team to increase efficiency and continue our growth. Our audit is still in process  and looks to be finalized very soon, our new product revamp is planned to launch mid-January, and our OTCQB up-listing will take place along with the initiation of the Regulation A+ Tier 2 filing with the SEC. We greatly appreciate all who have believed in our vision and I look forward on what 2018 will bring for us all.”

About Earth Science Tech, Inc. (ETST): Earth Science Tech has among the highest quality, purity, and full spectrum High Grade Hemp CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil on the market. Made using the superior supercritical CO2 liquid extraction, our CBD Oil is 100% natural and organic. Our research, performed alongside the University of Central Oklahoma and DV Biologics laboratory, prove we are the top nutritional and dietary supplement brand for High Grade Hemp CBD Oil.

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About Earth Science Pharmaceutical: Earth Science Pharmaceutical, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Earth Science Tech, Inc (ETST). Earth Science Pharmaceutical is focused on becoming a world leader in the development of low cost, non-invasive diagnostic tools, medical devices, testing processes and vaccines for STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections and/or Diseases). Earth Science Pharmaceutical CEO, Dr. Michel Aubé, a renowned scientist, is committed to help grow ETST in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

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About Cannabis Therapeutics: Cannabis Therapeutics, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Earth Science Tech, Inc. (ETST). Cannabis Therapeutics, Inc. was formed as an emerging biotechnology company poised to become a world leader in cannabinoid research and development for a broad line of cannabis cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals as well as other products & solutions. Cannabis Therapeutics mission it to help change the healthcare landscape by introducing their proprietary cannabis-cannabinoid based products made for both the pharmaceutical and retail consumer markets worldwide.

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About KannaBidioiD: KannaBidioid, Inc. is wholly owned subsidiary of Earth Science Tech, Inc. (ETST). KannaBidioid, Inc. is focused in the recreational space to manufacture and distribute vapes/e-liquids and gummy edibles in the recreational space formulated by its unique Kanna and CBD formula. Kanna and CBD synergistically enhance one another, providing optimal relaxation, an uplifting sensation, enhance focus, and help with nicotine addiction based on their properties.

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