Dr. Anthony S. Bianchi of Fresno, California’s Commitment to Medicine and Healing

Fresno Doctor Anthony Bianchi MD has a commitment to healing and helping the community


Fresno, California, Jan. 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- When Dr. Anthony S. Bianchi started studying the science of Biopsychology as a young undergraduate, he began to think about medicine in a new way. What if studying medicine and the human brain could lead to a healthier approach to life and a happier style of living? Since his undergraduate days, Dr. Bianchi has come a long way. He's helped to establish a successful Occupational Medicine practice in Fresno, California, rehabilitating workers and members of the Central Valley community. He's been able to travel, explore the world, and give back to his community over the years. However, the passion he felt when he was first learning about medicine has stayed with him, guiding him through the many different stages of his career.

Starting Out

After a childhood spent in scenic Denver, Colorado, Dr. Anthony Bianchi decided to follow in his father's footsteps and pursue a career in medicine. Bianchi has seen his father work as a military doctor growing up, and his father's commitment to helping others inspired Bianchi to do the same. He headed to Santa Barbara to study Biopsychology and learn more about what makes the human brain such a complex and fascinating structure.

Bianchi's undergraduate studies led him ultimately to pursue a career in Occupational Medicine, helping workers cope with work-related injuries and rehabilitating them in a healthy, sustainable way. His early learning brought him to the University of Texas at Houston, where he pursued his Medical Doctorate degree. Along the way, he was able to connect with Houston community members and make a difference through his practice while learning his trade. His work at Houston's St. Joseph's Hospital as an intern and a resident was so impressive that it earned him accolades, first in the form of a Chief Resident Teaching Award and then through a Top Resident Award given to him by the American Association of Laparoscopists. Dr. Bianchi’s specialty training and his desire to help strengthen communities by rehabilitating their workers only grew with time. After years working and thriving in Houston, and North San Diego County, Bianchi settled in Fresno to further develop a growing practice.

Current Work

Since the start of Dr. Anthony Bianchi's work in Fresno, he's already been able to make a difference in his community. From living and working among the inhabitants of Fresno's rich farming community, Dr. Bianchi has been able to see just how important it can be to help workers thrive in their environment and heal quickly from an accident. Even though Dr. Bianchi adores traveling and has made it a priority to see the world, he loves coming home to the community of Fresno and resuming his work. He's also an active community member and contributes to faith-based recovery programs that help struggling individuals get a new lease on life. He and his wife regularly contribute to charities that are important to them, such as the A21 Campaign to abolish human trafficking and Compassion International, which helps gain sponsorship for children in third world countries.


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