Nuvus Blockchain Building the New Global Exchange Platform for Medical Cannabis Industry with Nuvus Protocol is Raising $100M Through its Upcoming ICO & Token Sale & is Currently Accepting Whitelist Registration

Saint Petersburg, FL, Jan. 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nuvus Blockchain (, a Nuvus Corp company, formed to build the New Global Exchange Platform with big data and supply chain verification ecosystem using distributive ledger technologies and trusted environment networks through off-chain and on-chain transactions for the Cannabis industry announces its upcoming ICO and Token sale with whitelist registration. Nuvus is anticipating selling 200M Token, hence raising $100M, to fund the development and the implementation of the Nuvus Protocol. Nuvus ICO should be live by first week of February 2018.

Nuvus’ ICO and token generation event will be available to all global participants except for citizen, permanent resident, agent or representative for any entity of any jurisdiction, where (a) the purchase, possession, transfer, use or other transaction involving any amount of Nuvus Tokens or SAFTs, or (b) the accessing of, referencing to, engaging in, or otherwise using the Website, is illegal or restricted under applicable law. For United States (and its territories) participants, Nuvus tokens will be available only to Accredited Investors as defined under Regulation D 506(c) of the Securities Act, complying with KYC/AML (Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering) checks.

Nuvus is planning to begin the largest development and implementation of public and permissioned based private blockchain platform leveraging a variety of blockchain technologies for cannabis industry. We will focus on the use of Blockchain as a technology to enhance the overall chain of custody from seed to user. Blockchain is a highly effective trust mechanism which uses a cryptographically-secure shared ledger to irrefutably track complex transactions amongst parties while protecting privacy and eliminating fraud.

Our mission involves introducing a trustless verification system on all supply chain transactions in the cannabis industry, providing users, growers, retailers, governments and doctors full transparency into the supply chain, from seed to user distribution, with decentralized blockchain verification at every step. This will provide transparency on the type, potency and potential benefits of different strains and their effects on the human body, adding significant value to the commodity across uses, research and industries, some of which are likely not yet defined.

Nuvus Protocol and its Global Exchange Platform will have the potential to become one of the most used and valuable products in the Industry, potentially becoming ubiquitous across all industry participants. Our technology, if globally adopted, will add billions of data points to the supply chain, benefiting medicinal research and proper diagnosis in patients. By bringing decentralized, immutable blockchain technologies with billions of live, verified data points to the cannabis industry, we expect to add significant value and transparency to the Industries supply chain. Currently, supply chain data is non-transparent and is controlled by centralized organizations and authorities, subject to industry manipulation and slowing the adoption of life saving treatments and research.

Nuvus Blockchain, along with its partners, will provide a distributed ledger network and trusted technology, based on open source blockchain technologies to house and secure the data while providing uniform access to all its stake holders. Our partners will include master growers, universities, doctors, scientists, technology companies and various government affiliates working in tandem to ensure the patient can be assured of getting the right product at the highest quality for the treatment being sought.

Nuvus’ Global Exchange platform will allow participants to quickly see the benefits of greater visibility, optimization, improved reconciliation, greater auditability and regulatory compliance. For users and patients, quality assurance is improved through origin and traceability of products throughout the cannabis supply chain.

About Nuvus Blockchain

Nuvus Blockchain is formed to build a global exchange platform for big data and supply chain verification ecosystem using distributive ledger technologies through public blockchain and private permissioned blockchain for the Medical and Recreational Cannabis.

Nuvus Blockchain is a Nuvus Corp company. Nuvus Corp is a parent company of HempTech Corp (OTC: HTCO).

About Nuvus Corp (HempTech Corp)

Nuvus Corp (OTC: HTCO), a Nevada Corporation, through its business units and subsidiaries, provides Advanced Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), Precise Cognitive Automation, Sophisticated Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Grow Systems, Modular Grow facilities, Power & Energy Services, Consulting Services and Financing for the cultivators and Medium to Large Scale Growing Facilities.

To request further information about HempTech, please email us at, log onto our website at or visit us at our Facebook page or on Twitter @nuvuscorp.

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