At CES Unveiled, Moodo® Debuts Novel Smart Scent Shuffle Feature to Keep Your Nose on Its Toes

Moodo’s smart diffuser now shuffles scent intensity levels, overcoming our nose's habitual loss of sensation so you keep experiencing its vibrant aromas


LAS VEGAS, Jan. 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Moodo, the first-of-its-kind customizable smart home scent machine, today announces the launch of “Scent ShuffleTM” at the International Consumer Electronics Show. Shuffle solves the biggest problem prevalent in all scent solutions including candles, scent diffusers or plug-ins: odor fatigue after a short period of time. With the Shuffle feature on, Moodo automatically adjusts the levels of its four in-use scent capsules to make sure you keep smelling its various enjoyable fragrances and never become nose blind.

“Our Moodo Shuffle feature builds on our unique scent mixing technologies to overcome a limitation we are all familiar with, whereby our brains deactivate olfactory sensory input quickly after its onset” said Dr. Yoav Avidor, CEO of Agan Aroma and Moodo creator. “The personalization trend we’re seeing in the smart home is rapidly evolving beyond lighting and music to appeal to the most powerful of the senses: smell. Moodo already stands apart in this regard, and its proprietary Scent Shuffle adds a game-changing feature, influencing your mood through fragrance in an even more powerful way.”

Moodo’s scent capsules are grouped into “Scent Families”—four scents that work in harmony to create delightful ambiances. When the user activates the Shuffle feature, Moodo automatically adjusts the level of each scent in the family every few minutes, resulting in a different overall scent being emitted. These periodic fluctuations in scent overcome the natural tolerance that we quickly develop to scents we experience in a continuous fashion, so that we always keep smelling. The current Scent Families, including Cozzzy, The Gardens of Kanazawa, Oriental Delights, Beach Party, Ashram Spa and Fresh Vibrations, will transport you from your home to wherever you’d rather be—even if that’s wandering through a garden in the middle of Japan or a walk along the beach.

If you’d like to control or blend your own scent mixes rather than use Shuffle or Moodo’s suggested presets, you can manually change the intensity of any capsule through the Moodo app or ask Alexa to adjust the scents for you. Filled with scent-infused beads, the capsules don’t require any manual mixing or pouring and last around two months, or 60 hours of continual use.

The Moodo device features connectivity via Wi-Fi and integration with Amazon Alexa, as well as the Moodo app. Users can choose to purchase the device with a rechargeable battery power option, or stick with the basic model that uses a plug-in power supply.

The Moodo starter pack, which contains the fragrance machine and three scent families, is available for purchase at for $189 without a battery or $209 with. Additional scent families are available for $29.95 each. Moodo will be available for demos at CES, both at Unveiled on Sunday, January 7, and at Tech West in the Sands Convention Center, Halls A-D, booth number 42958. For more information about Moodo, please visit the website.

Olivia Catuara
Uproar PR for Moodo
312-878-4575 x243