Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs for Pilots Needed for Alarming Statistics In The Aviation Industry

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Recover releases new story about upsetting information regarding substance abuse in aviation and pilot professions. These pilots are carrying precious cargo at 35,000 feet above and a mistake at this height is quite costly. As exciting as it is to be traveling to new places all the time, their profession is anything but relaxed. The amount of focus a pilot needs to properly do their job is astounding. On an easy day, a pilot needs to maintain diligent focus on their job in order to perform it correctly. On a hard day, the lives of everyone on board an aircraft depend on the focus and the skill level a pilot maintains. For this reason, good mental health and clarity is a necessity for a pilot to possess.

Pilots and aviation professionals spend an enormous time away from home, away from their family and friends. Alcohol and drugs provide short-term respite from the related feelings of anxiety and loneliness. However, a tolerance is formed to these substances and a higher, more frequent dosage is required to achieve the same effects.

Some pilots find it hard to stay awake during long flights or in-between turnovers and the next flight. Pilots may dabble in stimulants starting in Caffeine and then turning into amphetamines. The amphetamines provide energy but then produce dependency issues with serious mental and physical consequences. Thus becomes an addiction. And as the addiction climbs to its peak, innocent passengers are put at risk.

Approximately 15% to 20% of all aviation incidents and accidents around the world involve a pilot who tests positive for some type of substance.  Of those who test positive, the pilots face disciplinary action by the FAA and some times criminal charges. Pilots suffering from substance abuse should seek an aviation alcohol drug rehab programs to receive treatment.

Supposing career stress might have been the reason for the addiction, treatment programs for aircraft pilots respect the love and devotion that pilots have for their jobs, and the incredible focus and training they went through to get where they are. Pilot rehab programs help aviation professionals develop stress management techniques for the every day situations that challenge their personal and professional lives. This allows patients to resume their careers without the threat of stress-related episodes or relapse. Additionally, they work with the pilot’s employer to recommend aftercare options.

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