LAS VEGAS, Jan. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- i-BLADES, Inc., maker of the world’s first Smartcase, announced today a series of snap-on accessories for its modular phone cases. These accessories will allow i-BLADES Smartcase users to enjoy even greater wireless freedom--from in-car charging to ease of stackable charging for modular battery and memory Smartblades. These are all on display at CES.

The i-BLADES Smartcase is a newly launched phone case that not only offers protection, but its built-in micro engineered technology lets users upgrade smartphone capabilities with snap-on modular Smartblades. Smartblades attach magnetically to the back of the case adding features wirelessly to the smartphone such as power, memory, audio, security and other applications.

i-BLADES is now offering Smartcase purchasers new accessories to match their lifestyles. i-BLADES snap-on system and its proprietary wireless standard for high-speed data and power transfer, helps make users’ mobile lives easier.

The three accessories are:

  1. A smart magnetic in-car holder and charger. This delivers a fast charge wirelessly. Just snap-on your Smartcase and get instant charging. Rotate your phone easily and securely to any position using the unique 360-degree adjustable lockable system.
  1. A smart wall charger. Once plugged into the wall you can snap-on Smartcases or Smartblades magnetically so they can charge wirelessly. Stack multiple Smartblades to “Stack-charge” so you can get maximum battery capacity on one charge.
  1. Wireless adapter Smartblade. This ultra-thin accessory--just over 3mm thick--snaps discretely onto the back of your Smartblade. It allows any phone in the Smartcase to wirelessly charge at high speed on i-BLADES proprietary wireless system and across other universal wireless chargers.

“This is just the start of the expanding i-BLADES wireless ecosystem to enable our users to be able to do more wirelessly,” said Jorge Fernandes, CEO, i-BLADES.

The accessories will be showcased at CES. Contact for a demo or more information. They will be available in the first quarter of 2018.

About i-BLADES
A Silicon Valley start-up, i-BLADES designs and markets modular phone cases and accessories for the global smartphone market. Its CEO and founder Jorge Fernandes was one of the lead people in inventing the technology behind Apple Pay. The company created the world’s first “Smartcase,” a next-generation mobile phone case with smart technology inside. A modular phone case that lets users add functionality to smartphones, such as more battery life, more storage or solutions around air quality, VR headset, wellness, etc. Comes with a SmartApp to manage Smartblades and Smartcases. i-BLADES is partnering with relevant partners to create new function-specific Smartblades for different solutions.

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