Freedom Leaf, Inc. Completes 100% Acquisition of Spanish Hemp Producer, Green Market Europe S.L., Further Driving Revenue and Building Shareholder Value for (OTCQB: FRLF)

Our philosophy is to only acquire companies that will add significant Gross Revenue, Net Profit and Shareholder Value to FRLF

LAS VEGAS, NV, Jan. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Freedom Leaf Inc. ® (OTCQB:FRLF), The Marijuana Legalization Company ®, is pleased to report that it has fully acquired 100% of Green Market Europe S.L. (GME), a Spanish producer of hemp products. Since the announcement of the acquisition, June 28th 2017, Freedom Leaf Inc. Officers have been diligently working to finalize the international acquisition, and as of today all relevant documentation has been submitted, signed, and finalized.

Clifford J. Perry, Co-founder and CEO of Freedom Leaf Inc., said, “We are very pleased to have completed this transaction, the deal is now final. Our philosophy is to only acquire companies that will add significant Gross Revenue, Net Profit and Shareholder Value to Freedom Leaf Inc. financials, and this is no exception. Green Market Europe S.L. is projected to add €2.000.000 ($2,393,060USD) in its first full year of operation at approximately a 15% net profit.”

Green Market Europe S.L. facilities include a 21,000 sq. ft. light deprivation greenhouse, a 43,000 sq. ft. indoor growing research facility, and over 200 acres of outdoor production space. The light deprivation allows the increase of the number of yearly crops from 3 to 4 crops a year, and the 43,000 sq. ft. indoor grow facility is used for genetic research and cultivating additional hemp crops. Green Market Europe S.L. is strategically located in Elche, Alicante, an important Spanish business hub, with great year-round weather conditions for agricultural growing and a long tradition of growing hemp.

GME marks the second completed acquisition for Freedom Leaf Inc. in Spain and Europe. The first acquisition was in May 2017 of, the Spanish-speaking community’s leading cannabis portal, and, an influential Spanish medical cannabis information website. was founded in 2001 and currently has more than 1.7 million page visits monthly, making it the among the most visited online portals worldwide for the Spanish-speaking community. also has more than 1.3 million Facebook fans.

Freedom Leaf, Inc. is currently collaborating with Spanish scientists isolating other rare cannabinoids. Some of the ongoing research includes strains with Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), which suppresses appetite, and Cannabichromene (CBC), which has been shown to aid with depression.

Perry has hailed Freedom Leaf Iberia B. V. licensee’s Managing Director, Federico Pando, for his work in bringing this and other Spanish projects to fruition for Freedom Leaf Inc.

¨GME will be an essential tool of FL to expand in the Medical Cannabis and cannabinoid based therapy. The know-how of mass Cannabinoid production, research and IP gives us a priceless competitive advantage towards cooperating with Governments and Institutions to bring Cannabinoid based therapy to medical patients,” stated by Federico Pando.

Paul F. Pelosi, Jr., Freedom Leaf Inc Chairman of the Board, added, “Freedom Leaf is staking its claim to foreign markets. Starting with Europe and planning for Central and South America expansion as well as other countries around the world. The market for Industrial Hemp is expanding in many countries even faster than the United States, and in many cases even faster than marijuana. Major legal revenue streams are available from exploring these different markets around the world.”

Green Market Europe S.L. has a current collaboration agreement with Elche-based University of Miguel Hernandez to grow and develop EU certified Hemp strains with high cannabidiol (CBD) content that can easily grow in the local climate, and for researching better methods for growing hemp.

The company is also collaborating with two privately owned European companies for product development and global marketing to provide a variety of Freedom Leaf branded products with Rare Cannabinoids, CBG, (Cannabigerol) in addition to its popular CBD, Cannabidiol. Other rare cannabinoids are also being developed

Although NO MEDICAL CLAIMS ARE BEING MADE  FOR ANY OF THE PRODUCTS, in various studies there are indications that Cannabigerol may relieve pain, reduce seizures and convulsions, slow bacterial growth in certain species, reduce inflammation systemically, induce sleep, inhibit cancer cell growth, stimulate the growth of new brain cells and promote bone growth. Some of the other conditions under study include glaucoma, inflammatory bowel diseases, anti-inflammatory disorders, epilepsy and chronic pain.

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