Secaucus, NJ, Jan. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Advantrix Corporation, a leading provider of medical billing services, announced today that it has deployed Unified Office’s  award winning  Total Connect Now  SM (TCNSM) suite of services. Advantrix needed an innovative, easy to use reliable business communications platform with exceptional business continuity that tied together all of their employees and offices around the world. After more than a year of evaluating various phone systems, unified communications companies and service providers, (both cloud and premise based), Advantrix selected Unified Office’s TCNSM service offerings.

“I respect the amazing people at Unified Office tremendously,” said Rohit Maharishi, Co-Founder and CEO of Advantrix. “They rolled up their sleeves and answered all of my questions directly and honestly. I had never doubted that that they could do everything I wanted them to do from the beginning. There was no interruption in our service and no need to ship equipment overseas to our remote office locations in order to accomplish our mission which was to unify our offices around the world. Unified Office has dramatically improved the ways by which we are now able to conduct business and gives us the confidence we need to easily expand.”

“We are very happy to have passed the test for Advantrix, a leader in the medical billing marketplace. Our customers tell us that large national service providers be they legacy VoIP/UC (Unified Communications) and or PBX vendors that they had previously tried to work with were much less responsive than Unified office and lacked the innovation, business continuity and service flexibility features necessary to be competitive in today’s world.” said Ray Pasquale, CEO and Founder of Unified Office. “Unified Office provides Fortune 500 grade highly configurable, simple to use innovative communications service offerings that can be tailored to any audience that in turn creates extraordinary value for our customers. Because we are also a 24 by 7 managed service company, we eliminate the finger pointing that is typical when dealing with multiple vendors and or service providers in the marketplace.”

The manner in which Unified Office creates unique and insightful communications analytics provides their CEO and management team with a much clearer understanding of the type and category of calls coming in, the types of questions callers may have, and how effective their staff is in responding to their needs. This is very important in maintaining and improving customer satisfaction. Unified Office’s TCN Operations Management Suite (TCNOMSSM) dashboard for example provides valuable insights into data such as how many calls are being made, time spent on each call, call abandonment rates, time to service (TTSTM) and many other novel analytics available from Unified Office.  TCNSM features used include its Highest Quality Routing Protocol (HQRPTM) ensuring its industry leading communications quality and reliability complete with unique whisper coaching features for training their customer facing employees, business continuity to ensure an “always on” available service, advanced call analytics, and simplified calling across all of their domestic and overseas offices.

Unified Office’s Highest Quality Routing Protocol (HQRPTM) transmission network provides superior VoIP/UC services without the need for costly dedicated T1 access lines or MPLS tunnels. Unified Office’s cloud is elastic and engineered to scale as needed to meet the demands of the largest of companies.”

About Advantrix

Advantrix Corporation, a leading provider of medical billing services. Specializing in Medical Billing Reimbursement Management Solutions and Allied Services, Advantrix offers a host of services covering a wide array of medical billing; processing, denial management, aging cleanup, collections, data management, analytics and technology services. A privately held enterprise based in New Jersey, Advantrix is fully managed by the best industry professionals serving the health care provider community nationwide.

About Unified Office

Unified Office, Inc. is a leading provider of SDN-based hybrid cloud managed Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and Unified Communications services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Unified Office’s Total Connect NowSM service architecture was purpose-built from the ground up to deliver the highest quality of experience and availability, leveraging the latest in extensible business VoIP communications technology and cloud-based infrastructure to enhance SMB workforce productivity. Their cloud-based intelligent network incorporates Unified Office’s unique adaptive Highest Quality Routing Protocol (HQRPTM) for end-to-end service quality, and Business Continuity “shadowing” to ensure high availability operation over one or more redundant broadband links.

The Unified Office Visual Performance SuiteTM (VPS) and Internet of Things (IoT) platform provides a real-time view of changes in operational performance levels and actionable intelligence for SMBs, store managers and owners, enabling them to readily determine real-time business performance, take immediate actions, and apply continuous operational improvements. This results in higher customer satisfaction, increased customer retention, and increased revenues and profitability. For more information visit

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