OPTIS and LeddarTech Place LiDAR Simulation at the Heart of Autonomous Driving Developments at CES 2018

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OPTIS partners with LeddarTech as a Leddar Ecosystem member to enable the virtual testing of advanced LiDAR systems and enhance the design process of smart and autonomous vehicles

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OPTIS, a global virtual prototyping company, and LeddarTech Inc., the developer and owner of Leddar, a patented digital signal processing technology used in automotive solid-state LiDARs, today announce a partnership enabling the industrial simulation of advanced LiDAR solutions. Dedicated to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers, this collaboration allows transportation companies to virtually test and integrate their next generation of LiDAR solutions developed around the LeddarCore integrated circuit (IC) before its actual release. OPTIS’s and LeddarTech’s technologies are showcased at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, in the Leddar Ecosystem pavilion.

Perception of the environment is key to enabling autonomous driving capability. OPTIS’s  simulation solutions are leveraged to virtually recreate cameras and LiDAR operations on autonomous cars and simulate their use in real-life scenarios, allowing for safer, more cost-effective virtual tests of LiDAR systems developed with LeddarCore ICs.

“With the accelerated development pace of autonomous driving capabilities and the ongoing race to commercialize mass-market solutions on production vehicles, solutions that optimize the development and integration cycles of new technologies add significant value,” said Michael Poulin, LeddarTech’s Automotive Solutions General Manager. “OPTIS’s optical simulation tools play a huge role in giving a head start to OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers developing with the LeddarCore ICs. By providing an autonomous vehicle simulator that makes the same decisions as a real-world connected vehicle, the tool helps to eliminate costly and risky real-world tests of new LiDAR systems and contribute to reducing their time-to-market.”

LeddarTech’s advanced optical sensing technology is highly complementary with OPTIS’s SPEOS and VRX simulation capabilities. Through the use of its light and laser modeling tools, OPTIS helps in the detailed design of LeddarCore-based LiDAR systems. Using real material measurements, OPTIS can validate the LiDAR model and simulate the correct response from the LiDAR in real-time through a virtual closed loop simulation with automated driving functions. The availability of the SPEOS sensors for LiDAR simulation smoothly follows the comprehensive product roadmap of LeddarTech to fully support the ongoing development of autonomous driving.

“Thanks to this partnership with OPTIS, automotive companies can now virtually implement, test and validate our LiDAR technology very early in the design process. This early implementation also lets them fine-tune their system at a more global scale and define the specific configurations, should they require customized LiDAR solutions,” added Poulin.

“We are proud to partner with a technology leader that has key LiDAR expertise and strategic relationships in the automotive industry,” said Gilles Gallée, Business Development Director for Autonomous Driving and Simulation at OPTIS. “The technological collaboration between our two companies creates a comprehensive solution that benefits customers and the autonomous driving market as a whole.”

The LeddarCore IC, a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree, is the industry’s first 3D solid-state LiDAR solution that enables the mass production of powerful automotive-grade LiDARs meeting OEMs’ stringent requirements in terms of cost, performance and reliability for rapid commercial deployments.

OPTIS’s technology is available for demonstration at the 2018 CES in the Leddar Ecosystem pavilion – Tech East LVCC Central Plaza – CP 23. Schedule your time for demos and interviews by emailing OPTIS’s public relations representative, Amber Richards at arichards@uproarpr.com. For more information about OPTIS, visit www.optis-world.com.

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About LeddarTech
LeddarTech is the developer and owner of Leddar, a patented solid-state LiDAR sensing technology that constitutes a novel approach to light detection and ranging. Developed over 10+ years of R&D, Leddar is a unique combination of advanced light wave digital signal processing and software algorithms that enable the production of solid-state LiDARs delivering superior performance and reliability at a highly competitive price. LeddarTech sensors are used in multiple mobility-related markets including automotive, intelligent transport systems, drones, and industrial vehicles. Its technology contributes to improving safety and quality of life through applications minimizing the risks of accidents, reducing traffic congestion, and improving transport efficiency.

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