LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - January 09, 2018) - Sleevey Wonders (aka "R and A Synergy LLC") -- a small business that was first to create the undersleeves product category in 2008 and officially opened for business in 2011 -- has filed a complaint against multi-billion dollar company Spanx, arguing that its new products, "Arm Tights" and "Sheer Fashion" launched in Sept. 2017, as marketed and sold, constitute Copyright Infringement, Trade Dress Infringement, False Advertising, and State/Federal Unfair Competition. The complaint was filed in United States District Court for the Central District of California, Western Division on Dec. 21, 2017.

The complaint includes evidence that Spanx purchased Sleevey Wonders product in 2013 and had it sent directly to CEO Sara Blakely's executive assistant. During the Arm Tights product launch, Blakely claimed that her product filled a "white space" that never before existed, and claimed the concept of sleeves designed to be worn under sleeveless dresses as her own during a recent appearance on Good Morning America. In addition, the complaint alleges that these facts, combined with dozens of blatant product and marketing similarities, clearly constitute the four charges made.

"By fighting for Sleevey Wonders, I'm fighting to save my company, and in turn, my family. I'm standing up for the little person with a dream, who works hard to actualize that dream, only to have a big corporation come along and potentially jeopardize what we have built," said Ruthann Greenblat, inventor of Sleevey Wonders and CEO of R and A Synergy LLC. "While we have been issued quite a few utility and design patents, we still have a few pending and more in progress. We anticipate more to issue soon, expanding the scope of our rights. We believe we've got a very bright future ahead of us, one worth fighting for."

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About Sleevey Wonders

Sleevey Wonders is one woman's patented invention started in 2008, which created a new product category of stylish interchangeable sleeves that transform wardrobes and beautify women of all ages and sizes. Manufactured in the United States, Sleevey Wonders is owned and operated by Ruthann Greenblat and her family, all of whom suffer from chronic debilitating Lyme disease and its co-infections.

Greenblat started the business when her family lost half their income during the economic crash of 2008, in a desperate effort to save her family from hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills due to their family-wide Lyme disease crisis. Ruthann almost died of Stevens-Johnson disease exacerbated by Lyme, and was mostly bedridden because of that for almost 4 years. Her son, Ross, 36, has been almost completely bedridden and in chronic pain for over 12 years. He has three inoperable brain tumors. Daughter Jenn, 40, after collapsing at work dozens of times, was told by doctors that she had to stop work and start full-time treatment in 2008, or she could suffer dire consequences.

Prior to Spanx's Arm Tights launch, Sleevey Wonders had grown from $30,000 in revenue in 2012, to $1.6 million in 2016, allowing the Greenblats to support their family, pay their medical bills, and provide hope for their future. Spanx's actions have the potential to threaten their livelihood and future.

In 2015, providing further evidence of Sleevey Wonders being the original inventor of the category, Oprah Magazine said "slip these ingenious pieces under a sleeveless dress or top, get instant, stylish arm coverage." That same year, Huffington Post named Sleevey Wonders to its Top 10 Travel Accessories List.

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