NEW YORK, Jan. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Along with flowers, chocolate, and heart-shaped cards, lingerie is one of the most common classic Valentine’s Day gifts. Lingerie sales skyrocket as the new year begins and February approaches. At this time of year, many lingerie brands release exclusive Valentine’s Day pieces and collections to capitalize on this increase in demand.

Shopping—especially online shopping—for Valentine’s Day lingerie can be extremely overwhelming. The holiday makes shoppers feel pressured to choose the perfect special lingerie pieces, but they often have no idea where to find quality lingerie that is actually flattering and well-fitting. These feelings of pressure and lack of direction cause shoppers to end up settling for lingerie that doesn’t completely meet all of their needs.

Luxury lingerie brand HauteFlair has released a Valentine’s Day lingerie shopping guide ( The guide is designed to help online shoppers choose the ideal V-Day lingerie pieces for themselves or as a gift for their special someone. It is catered specifically for shoppers searching for lingerie for Valentine’s Day 2018 and includes tips and pictures that acknowledge and advise on current lingerie trends.

This shopping guide includes information on several different types of common Valentine’s Day lingerie, including loungewear, bra and panty sets, and briefs. It also discusses various V-Day lingerie styles like funny sexy lingerie and erotic lingerie. This information ensures that readers know all of their options before making a purchase. The guide also features helpful specialized advice targeted to both women buying lingerie for themselves and people buying lingerie for their partner to wear.

HauteFlair’s V-Day lingerie shopping guide is located within the blog section of the brand’s online store The blog is updated regularly with new content regarding the current hottest lingerie tips, trends, and pieces.

ABOUT HauteFlair

HauteFlair is an emerging online luxury lingerie company that is rising to become one of the leading e-commerce companies in the designer underwear market. Their online store includes expansive and diverse collections of quality designer lingerie pieces and sets. HauteFlair is based out of New York City and employs a team of talented, experienced individuals located throughout the USA and Europe. The lingerie that HauteFlair offers is extremely fashion- forward but available at competitive, affordable prices.

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