DOMMARTEMONT, FRANCE--(Marketwired - January 10, 2018) - DYRUN, specialist in Internet connection for white and grey zones, and part of the FrenchTech brand, is pleased to announce TRON and TRON X, two "hyper-connecters" that provide high speed Internet (3G/4G LTE). This new generation of products assures premium connection even in white zones.

In isolated areas abroad, or even in a city center, connection issues can strike anyone, anytime, prompting the dreaded phrase "I don't have connection!". Too many areas are still affected by grey or white zone problems, and in this highly digital IoT era, these issues are impossible to accept.

According to Gartner, 6 billion connected objects will be in circulation this year. And Gartner and the IDATE predict that by 2020 the number of connected objects in circulation will rise to somewhere between 50 and 80 billion.

Created in 2013, this French start-up sought to solve connectivity issues. DYRUN has develop a patented technology, revolutionizing Internet connection and to reducing the digital divide. DYRUN products are now ready for deployment and compatible in nearly 90 countries.

"DYRUN offers a smart solution able to choose a network based on its quality and its flow. This is a world first! Our products are compatible with Windows PC / iOS and Android and iOS, empowering people with connection in poorly served areas," says Jérôme CASSOUS, Communication and Development Manager at DYRUN.

"Hyper-Connectors" TRON and Tron X are 180g mobile units that can easily fit in a pocket. Each unit has a slot for a SIM card of the regular operator and compensates for the loss or absence of a network. The unit finds the best network to provide the user with a strong, fast and secure connection.

The units also offer a multi-operator SIM card option via DYRUN Telecom, with daily or monthly subscription fees. The advantage of this ensures continuous connection with the best operator in the area, regardless of where the user is and without incurring data roaming fees.

A tiny signal is required for DYRUN to capture and optimize connection. That said, even areas as remote as the Sahara Desert can offer a signal when equipped with the box.

TRON and Tron X are equipped with LED and a luminous logo indicates a low battery.


Price: 149EUR TTC, available in April 2018.

  • Carte SIM
  • 5h00 of autonomous operation
  • Powerbank
  • Connection for up to 10 people / devices
    • Configurable VPN connection


Price: 299EUR TTC, available in April 2018.

  • SIM + eSIM card with VPN and Intelligent Back-up connection system
  • Anticipation of mobility
  • Smart battery
  • Up to 18h00 of autonomy
  • Connection for up to 32 people / devices

About Dyrun:
DYRUN is a French start-up founded by Michel Sieben in 2013, and joined by the group MENTOR in 2015 by President Benoit Michaux. After five years of R & D and a patent in 148 countries, DYRUN products are being launched with the goal to reduce the digital divide and enhance user experience.

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