SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Social Media Compliance, Inc., a leading enterprise-level personal image recognition provider for corporate IP surveillance and safety, announced today the company will be expanding operations to the U.S. markets on the heels of successful pilot programs in Europe and London.

Social Media Compliance plans to enable large corporations in the United States with a new enterprise-level social media monitoring platform that monitors employee image posting to ensure no accidental IP is captured within the workplace while posting photos and socializing online.  The new propriety methods and technology allows HR and Corporate Compliance Departments to react quickly to remove sensitive information from social media accounts immediately when sensitive corporate or client information is accidentally captured in the background of a photo; like a selfie from a “work-station” or even group or team photos in the office.

Over 95% of firms have images flowing onto the public internet going unchecked and flooding hackers with client or confidential data as employees, consultants and family inadvertently post videos and images to their personal social media

Kitty Perry, CEO of Social Media Compliance, commented, “Corporations today are realizing IP bleed in the workplace, employees taking pictures and capturing images while working is common place now. Companies need to start thinking about securing IP leaks through accidental social media sharing online. It’s the reality of today’s work environment."

About Social Media Compliance, LLC
Social Media Compliance, LLC (SMC) is the first machine-learning enterprise-level image recognition platform with a real time alert system, which identifies posts containing confidential data on employees’ personal feeds. The algorithm only highlights potential red flags, thereby protecting individual privacy. It also directly alerts individuals who accidentally post personal data; for example a credit card or document in the background of a photo.

Through detailed assessments of global regulation, alongside heavy-weight lawyers and attorneys, our algorithm has been built to meet world-wide compliance standards. Our clients include global banks and regulated entities, as well as regulators and Central Banks themselves. SMC’s innovation lab also provides regulation technology which updates policies, produces education modules – including eLearning nuggets – as well as industry-specific monitoring and record-keeping surveillance tools. Our lab team works rigorously to understand evolving global regulation standards, with our AI software and cyber-security specialists ensuring constant adaptation to new technological developments, as well as the risks they may pose.

SMC delivers a holistic turnkey solution that satisfies regulatory requirements, whilst setting a benchmark across the industry in digital compliance.

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