OrderGroove Announces Dramatic Expansion of Relationship Commerce Cloud™, Launches Breakthrough Text Messaging-Based Ordering Solution


Expanded capabilities enable brands and retailers to cultivate relationships via frictionless ordering, reordering and subscriptions in retail stores and across digital channels

Broadened platform includes powerful APIs for creating unique omnichannel retail experiences and the company’s proprietary Anticipate AI™ engine, for predicting when a consumer most likely needs or wants to buy again

NEW YORK, Jan. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OrderGroove, the Relationship Commerce company preferred by leading brands and omnichannel retailers today announced a dramatic expansion of its Relationship Commerce Cloud™, including a breakthrough text messaging-based ordering solution that is already yielding as high as a 60% response rate among enrolled consumers. Building on the success of its industry leading subscription solutions, the expanded OrderGroove platform offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities that simplifies the consumer ordering and reordering experience by enabling brands and omnichannel retailers to practice and achieve Relationship Commerce across any and every channel. In addition, the expanded platform offers powerful APIs for developing differentiated retail experiences and utilizes OrderGroove’s proprietary Anticipate AI™ engine for predicting when consumers are ready to buy next, thereby making their lives easier.

An emerging retail discipline pioneered and powered by OrderGroove, Relationship Commerce is focused on shifting consumer interactions from one-and-done transactions to ongoing, profitable relationships. OrderGroove’s Relationship Commerce Cloud™ enables top brands and retailers to make this move from product centricity to customer centricity—making their businesses indispensable to the consumers they serve by anticipating the when of their needs and wants.

The newly expanded platform now enables omnichannel retailers and brands to implement virtually any Relationship Commerce use case at any channel, including:

  • Predictive reordering for instantly buying the same high frequency consumer products and services. OrderGroove uses aggregate data to anticipate and prompt existing customers to order the same product or service again at the right time, requiring only a simple response, such as a text, click or email reply.
  • Frictionless discovery and ordering of new products and services. OrderGroove enables retailers to recommend personally relevant products and services based on multiple sources of data across the OrderGroove network - giving the consumer the ability to purchase with one click, tap, text or other messaging reply.
  • Product subscriptions for customers who are loyal to specific retailers, products and services that are consumed and purchased at a regular frequency. OrderGroove’s flexibility enables retailers and brands to launch a variety of subscription or membership-style services including product subscriptions, programs for personal services, subscription boxes and incentive-based loyalty offers.

The newly expanded Relationship Commerce Cloud™ powers experiences in retail stores via the POS, online, via email and text messaging. In addition, the platform offers a granular, comprehensive and highly flexible set of APIs that enables retailers and brands to further extend Relationship Commerce experiences to their emerging channels such as IoT devices, chatbots, social channels and voice-controlled devices.

At the heart of the Relationship Commerce Cloud™ is OrderGroove’s Anticipate AI™ engine - a proprietary set of algorithms that utilize billions of product and consumer data points from millions of consumers in aggregate. The Anticipate AI™ engine predicts the end customer’s consumption cadence to personalize and optimize the “when” for targeted offers and next actions - keeping relationships going and growing.

The Relationship Commerce Cloud™ also comes complete with a detailed analytics dashboard that enables retailers and brands to monitor program activity, sales and key Relationship Commerce metrics.

“With the retail landscape now in a constant state of disruption, Relationship Commerce is the model the best retailers and brands are focused on to protect and grow their market share,” said Greg Alvo, founder and chief executive officer of OrderGroove. “By giving world class brands and retailers access to a powerful and complete set of omnichannel solutions for capturing the Relationship Commerce opportunity at every channel, we’re helping our clients be dramatically more customer centric and make themselves indispensable to their customers’ lives.”

OrderGroove is used by leading brands and retailers including Walmart, PetSmart, L’Oreal, Nestlé and many others.

“Kiehl’s is committed to building strong relationships with consumers by creating a frictionless experience both in stores and across all digital channels. With consumer expectations rapidly evolving and a retail environment that’s in a continuous state of disruption, having a comprehensive Relationship Commerce platform and partner like OrderGroove is essential for achieving our vision,” said Julia Mavrodin, assistant vice president of eCommerce and digital marketing for Kiehl’s.

OrderGroove’s Relationship Commerce Cloud™ including the new capabilities are available immediately and deployed in collaboration with the company’s retail solution experts.

About OrderGroove
OrderGroove helps big brands and omnichannel retailers practice and achieve Relationship Commerce -  shifting consumer interactions from one-and-done transactions to ongoing, highly profitable relationships. The company’s unique combination of powerful technology, proprietary data and analytics and unmatched expertise helps top retailers and brands like Walmart, PetSmart, the Vitamin Shoppe, L’Oréal, Nestlé and others transform their retail experiences across every channel and thrive within the constantly shifting retail landscape. OrderGroove is headquartered in New York, NY and has raised $40 million in investment funding from institutional investors including National Securities, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, SWaN & Legend Ventures, Western Technology Investment, Silicon Valley Bank, FYRFLY Ventures, Bee Partners and Stage One Capital. For more information visit www.ordergroove.com.

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