From HAMP to HEMP! CCCMIS Chairman Rydstrom is calling on Congress to hold cannabis deconfliction hearings to enhance economic and public policy uniformity

Newport Beach, California, UNITED STATES

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Jan. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Former HAMP CMIS Chairman enters the HEMP world to deconflict diverse Cannabis laws. Rydstrom as Chairman of the new CCCMIS (California Cannabis Coalition for Model Industry Standards) (, will embark on solutions for the Cannabis industry and its consumers.  In 2006 Richard Rydstrom, Attorney at Law, Chairman of CMIS DC (, was instrumental in creating solutions for the Great Recession including the HAMP mortgage modification program.

The Elephant in the Room:  Federal law says Cannabis is illegal. Regardless, Cannabis businesses, investors, insurers and lenders numbingly march into the lion’s mouth with ‘blinders-on’ as if it’s all-clear. It’s safe-harbor time!

Rydstrom says: Uniform Public Policy is Requisite

I am shockingly disappointed with the lack of safe harbor solutions employed in the face of federal illegality.  The HEMP Challenge:  I hope we can be helpful in reconciling diverse conflicting laws and interests. As Chairman Rangel did with HAMP in the 110th Congress (House Ways & Means Committee), we are calling on Congress to hold hearings to deconflict the laws and institute safe harbors to support the economy and enhance uniform public policy.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher:  Rydstrom says, the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer (Cannabis) Amendment shows great leadership in precluding federal funds for enforcement actions, but now in 2018 it’s time to expand the scope and reach to achieve public policy uniformity. Expansion should include recreational purposes, with safe harbors for banking, lending, investments, accelerators, REITS, use of federal mail, and the narrowing of the unlawful paraphernalia definition.  Next a Continuing Resolution or Omnibus Bill must pass and then on to the Rohrabacher “States Rights Bill”; the fight between the 10th Amendment and the Supremacy Clause.  Is it time to reclassify Cannabis from Schedule I. It’s debate time.

MEANWHILE THE SOLUTIONS:  Rydstrom has already developed several lawful solutions. One is the SmartCannabisLease ( ) which deconflicts federal and state law presumptive facts. Another is the TaxSmartBuildout ( ) which integrates lines of business with IRC 1245 tax smart construction property flowing into beneficial entity structures. Lawful, and available.

Contact: To request a congressional report on public policy or for a statement, interviews, TV and Congressional appearances or consulting contact: Rich Rydstrom, Esq., Chairman CCCMIS at  | Tele: 949-678-2218 (Tele/Text)