PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OpsPanda, the leader in cloud-based Sales Resource Planning Software, today announced the Winter 2018 product release for its Sales Resource Planning and Analytics Solution. The new release includes feature updates that provide users with more data and control of their sales organizations. 

“We are very excited about all of the new product features in our Winter 2018 release; we are confident in the value these new features bring to all of our customers, particularly our Sales Costing feature,” said Jon Kondo, Co-Founder and CEO of OpsPanda. “A vital part of sales resource and capacity planning is ensuring you have visibility into the cost structure of your sales plan. Our new sales costing feature will provide a better understanding of and control over the financial impact of different sales plan scenarios, which will better align finance and sales. We are thrilled to start the new year with these product features,” added Kondo.

Product highlights of OpsPanda’s Winter 2018 product update include:

  • Sales Costing gives users the ability to evaluate sales headcount costs against sales capacity. OpsPanda users can optimize sales plans by modeling different hiring scenarios to include base salary and variable compensation for each employee type.  Additionally, users can determine expected payback on new hires, evaluate sales plan costs versus sales capacity, and assess contribution margin on ramped versus in-ramp reps.
  • Email and in-app notifications help users keep their favorite plans up to date. OpsPanda summary emails report performance against plan and org status, while alerts notify you when headcount data or pipeline data seem out of date.
  • New sales performance reports provide rep performance and productivity metrics that help users reconcile plans and understand the health of their business. 

The OpsPanda Winter 2018 product release is available now. For more information schedule a demo at

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OpsPanda’s Sales Resource and Capacity Planning application helps sales leaders build detailed hiring and capacity plans, and analyze sales performance, and set achievable sales quotas to optimize their true sales capacity and reach booking targets. Based in Palo Alto, California, OpsPanda was founded in 2014 by sales and engineering veterans of the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software industry.

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