VSORA Closes Series A Financing with Investment from Omnes Capital, Partech Ventures, Angel Investors

Set to Launch Game-Changing Multicore DSP IP to Power 5G Wireless Networks

PARIS, Jan. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VSORA, an entrepreneurial startup set to deliver digital signal processing (DSP) intellectual property (IP) for 5G wireless networks, today announced it closed Series A financing from leading venture capital firms Omnes Capital and Partech Ventures and angel investors. 

The $1.7 million investment will be used to expand VSORA’s R&D and build sales channels in the United States and Asia.

VSORA was founded in 2015 by DSP engineers from the former DiBcom, now part of Parrot. Its DSP design process will target wireless mobile applications and boost DSP computing power, optimize power consumption and system performance, and reduce the silicon footprint.

“This investment comes at a critical juncture in the world of telecommunications,” notes Khaled Maalej, VSORA’s chief executive officer. “With the coming 5G mobile standard, traditional DSP technology will run out of steam on multiple levels. Our aim is to become the reference point for state-of-the-art DSP applications.”

 “As a former investor in DiBcom, this operation shows our commitment to serial entrepreneurs we backed in their previous ventures,” says Marc Gasser, an Omnes Capital analyst. “With this new deal, we sign another investment in the silicon IP area where our deep tech expertise is an asset. VSORA’s technology has the potential to revolutionize DSP architectures, transform the design and implementation processes, and ultimately enhance go-to-market strategies. VSORA’s founding team has the ability to become a major player in the silicon industry.”

“VSORA’s solution will have a transformative impact on the performance of DSP chips,” adds Boris Golden, principal at Partech Ventures. “We believe that VSORA will become a strategic enabler of all 5G communications in the near future. And we are convinced that it will grow quickly and become a winner in the IP industry.”

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Founded in 2015, VSORA will introduce innovative DSP IP solutions to accelerate the design of complex integrated circuits, prevalent in the mobile, networking and consumer product markets. It has offices in Velizy-Villacoublay, France. For more information, visit: www.vsora.com.

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