IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- JobzMall has opened its virtual doors to all job seekers and employers. The visually stunning, one-stop job-shopping destination is the first of its kind to combine the latest technology in a fully immersive design to relieve the stress of searching and applying for opportunities.

As the labor markets continue to improve and economic indicators appear to be strong, there are still some glaring weaknesses within the job seeking practice that are holding job seekers back. Even though the U.S. unemployment rate is at one of its lowest points in a decade and GDP is at one of its highest, people – especially Millennials – are exasperated in their search for a new job.

The problem is the practice, itself. Online job boards aren’t working for modern job seekers. Antiquated user designs, coupled with the lack of uniformity and transparency, create a job seeking practice riddled with anxiety that places almost all the burden on the job seeker.

The biggest obstacles within these stale sites are the big blocks of boring text that are often useless to job seekers as they don’t even describe the employer who has the opening. These so-called job descriptions are a copy editor’s dream and a young job seeker’s worst nightmare. They aren’t doing the employer any favors, either, as they weed out the most promising young candidates and talents.

Today’s popular job sites, such as Indeed, Monster and ZipRecruiter, are organized broadly, offering users little to no ability to distinguish between the jobs they want and the jobs that have the right “keywords.” In addition to the mental anguish brought on millions of job seekers over the years, this practice also has high economic costs for everyone involved. The average cost to hire a new employee was $4,129 in 2016. Job seekers spend about 11 hours a week searching for jobs, with only 5 percent of candidates reporting a positive experience and 91 percent of millennials finding the post-grad job search difficult.

“This is no trivial problem. The demand for better job boards is out there. Now is the time to demand better service to the changing workforce. Youths are our future. We should learn to engage them and create a better future for them. That’s why we created JobzMall. I am representing the customer needs, and my son, Nathan, represents the job seekers. You can also say: ‘the classic and the future fusion for solving the needs of the new work environment.’ I think JobzMall will be a solution to a big problem. More than 300 companies already became our pioneers, and huge market penetration from the job seekers proves to us that we are heading in the right direction,” said Pembe Candaner, co-founder and president of JobzMall.

“The current job boards are very boring and not engaging, populated with long blocks of texts to read. As applicants, we have very limited means to stand out. By using video applying, interactive profiles, instant messaging, direct applying, and machine learning, JobzMall is empowering both the job seekers and hiring managers,” said JobzMall Co-founder Nathan Candaner. “JobzMall takes a boring process and turns it into a fun experience – just like going to the real mall.”

After JobzMall, we can say that nothing will be the same in job-finding eco-system.

About JobzMall: JobzMall is founded at Irvine, Calif., in 2016 by Pembe Candaner, former CEO of Adecco Turkey, and her son, Nathan Candaner, from University of Southern California. By now, the company raised $1.5 million in seed investment. JobzMall is one of the 15 elite member companies in the  Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN), an international coalition that creates work-readiness, apprenticeship programs for youth and fosters skills for business, alongside Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, MasterCard, Nestle and IBM and others. JobzMall builds a community among motivated and casual job seekers as well as employers of all sizes and sectors of the economy. For more info please see:

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