Hearsay Adds Client Engagement Tools to Unlock New Levels of Sales, Compliance Productivity

New capabilities streamline business-critical workflows for financial advisors, sales and compliance teams

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

San Francisco, California, Jan. 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hearsay, provider of the Hearsay Advisor Cloud for the financial services industry, today announced several new tools that leverage multi-channel client engagement data to help field sales and compliance teams perform high-touch tasks at scale.

The new Hearsay capabilities, powered by automation, are purpose-built for financial services professionals and the way they work. And as part of the Hearsay Advisor Cloud, the new tools help automate and increase the number of personalized client touchpoints across key digital channels — social media networks, text messaging, advisor websites and email.

Interactions can be synced to a firm’s customer relationship management (CRM) system, resulting in deeper, richer data and sales insights that are essential for advisors to efficiently build and retain business.

“Hearsay processes and analyzes nearly 100 million advisor-client engagement activities every year. As a result, we have an enormous set of industry-specific data and intelligence to build new Advisor Cloud technology that not only helps our customers be more productive in their day-to-day work, but is also prescriptive and easy to use,” said Gaurav Agarwal, Hearsay vice president of product. “We’re excited to launch these new tools so our customers can attract more prospects, retain more clients and grow their business.”

The new Hearsay Advisor Cloud features include:

Dynamic Campaigns

  • Allow firms to create content campaigns that can automatically publish fresh, on-brand and personalized content to an advisor’s social media networks and business website on his/her behalf
  • For example: A firm’s corporate marketing team might create a “millennial” Dynamic Campaign that contains content relevant to that demographic; advisors who want to build relationships with millennial clients or prospects can subscribe to that Dynamic Campaign, and have an active social and website presence with content relevant to their target audience
  • Advisors can increase digital client touchpoints without any effort or marketing expertise

1-to-1 Outreach

  • Provides turnkey one-to-one messaging templates – built specifically with the advisor workflow in mind – for personal advisor-client communication channels, such as email
  • Allows advisors to automate common but personal client communications, such as referral requests, birthday messages, holiday greetings, meeting confirmations and more
  • Combination of personal client data and pre-written messages enables advisors to reach out to individual clients and prospects at the right time, with the right message


  • Advisors can pre-schedule and automate important text messages to clients, such as billing reminders to prevent policy lapses
  • Team members can schedule text reminders on behalf of advisors, improving productivity and scaling engagement

Action List Enhancements

  • New Action List features – which uses predictive technology to prioritize the clients and tasks that advisors should focus on, and recommends the next-best action – make client engagement across multiple digital channels more efficient
  • For example: If a prospect fills out a form on an advisor’s website, the Action List can surface that activity to the top, including a “Follow Up” button that the advisor can click on to quickly send a pre-written email – all within the Hearsay dashboard

“Accounts Overview” for Compliance Teams

  • New view helps compliance and supervision teams quickly identify and act on necessary social profiles that need review
  • Prioritizes which social profiles need immediate attention, thus improving compliance productivity

For more information, visit the Hearsay blog.


Hearsay Systems offers the Hearsay Advisor Cloud for financial services, empowering advisors to efficiently and compliantly use social media, websites, text and email to engage with customers, build stronger relationships and grow their business. Its prescriptive technology processes and prioritizes data from across digital channels and data systems, providing actionable suggestions for advisors on how they should engage with clients next. Built for the enterprise, Hearsay connects these advisor-client interactions and data to corporate CRM systems and digital marketing programs, and provides efficient compliance supervision and review workflows – all on a secure, enterprise-ready platform.

Hearsay is used by more than 150,000 advisors and agents at the world’s largest financial services and insurance firms. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley with locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Connect on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the Hearsay blog.


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