Cue is Your Assistant to Stop Smoking, a New Healthcare Technology That Learns Your Smoking Habits and Sends ‘Cues” to Help You Stop

Cue uses AI and machine learning algorithms to predict your next cigarette and rewards you for extending time between smokes

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO, Jan. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With an estimated one billion smokers in the world,, a leader in motion recognition software, today announces the launch of Cue, a first-of-its-kind, all-natural way to stop smoking. Available on Apple and Android mobile phones and smart watches, Cue uses artificial intelligence to learn your smoking habits and create a personalized plan to reduce or stop. In tests with Beta users, Cue reduced smoking habits by 50 percent in the first four weeks.

As a form of predictive healthcare, Cue’s machine learning and sensor algorithms automatically track when you smoke to learn your habits and predict when your next urge will hit. Based on your responses and data, Cue learns variables, like volumes of nicotine in the body, to sense when it’s time for your next cigarette. Cue will send you a push notification to wait a few more minutes, gradually helping you resist urges over time. Cue then learns how you respond to its instructions, tracks changes in your behavior, and keeps working to help you overcome smoking for good.

“After several failed attempts to stop smoking, I asked myself a simple question: What if there was an always-on, AI-powered personal assistant whose single mission was to help me overcome smoking?” says Kiwi CEO Ali Nawab. “It was at this moment that we decided to create Cue, a method that isn’t one-size fits all, but one that lets people reduce or quit smoking on their own terms, with an entirely new type of technologically advanced support system.”

Aside from Cue’s machine learning support, the app also leverages rewards and community encouragement to help you kick your habit. Whenever you extend time between cigarettes, you are rewarded with points that are then converted to Amazon credits, with plans to expand the options for where points can be redeemed in the future. Friends and family can also follow along on your journey through a personalized invite, so they can send messages of encouragement in real time. Each time you receive a shout out, both parties earn Amazon credits and everyone wins!

“I used Cue for just four weeks and it was amazing—it decreased my urge to smoke, and helped me stop,” said Dallas Minchue, Cue user. “The reward system really helped get my mind off of taking a cigarette break, since I was working towards both the reward and ultimately kicking my smoking all together.”

Overcoming smoking is the single most powerful behavioral change that a person can take for their health, yet the solutions currently available are alarmingly short-term. Research shows that it takes most smokers 30 attempts to stop for good, so it’s no wonder that, of the estimated 500 million people worldwide who try to stop annually, less than five percent succeed. With Cue, reducing and stopping is possible.

To learn more about Cue, click here. To hear what users are saying about Cue, watch the user testimonial video here. Apple users click here to download the app, and Android users can download the app from the Google Play store here. To read a short white paper about the product click here.


Kiwi is a venture-backed artificial intelligence company based in Toronto, Canada. As an industry leader in motion recognition algorithms, Kiwi believes that AI will be an integral part in our everyday lives. The team works with many large and small companies on their technology products including IBM Watson and several large customers in health, sports and wellness.

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