Arias Intel Announces Development of its Proprietary Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Point of Sale Technology

Plans to Launch Proprietary iNEO Coin in 2018 to Integrate with Portfolio of its Own Mobile Games and Apps and Interface with Other Developers

TAMPA, FL, Jan. 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Arias Intel Corp. (OTC PINK: ASNT), (the "Company"), a technology, media and mobile gaming platform, today announced the development of its proprietary iNEO Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Point of Sale Technology Platform (“iNEO”).

The Company plans to launch its iNEO ‘coin or token’ in 2018 as a cryptonized asset and standard medium of exchange used to fund the execution of smart contracts transactions or purchase and sell products or services from others within the same ecosystem.  Smart contracts allow two parties to interact, work together, and make secure transactions via the Internet without the need for middlemen.

iNEO will initially be integrated with the Company’s portfolio of mobile games and apps. Additionally, iNEO will be developed with API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) and open-source interfaces for other developers to utilize and create additional revenue opportunities for Arias Intel.

The Company believes leveraging blockchain technology solves payment and security issues in highly regulated environments, especially the legalized cannabis industry.  The decentralized ledger and smart contracts within the blockchain allow for greater compliance and supply chain verification, as well as solve banking and compliance issues surrounding the cannabis industry. 

The basis of iNEO is the iNEO Protocol.  The Company is developing a blockchain protocol to manage merchant payment transactions.  Supporting this protocol will be the iNEO App and Point of Sale System. 

Through the iNEO App and Point of Sale System all transactional data including payments between customers and merchants is recorded.  This technology under development will be capable of anchoring transaction data to the given blockchain.  In layman’s terms, it provides an accurate receipt for each transaction on the chain.  This receipt will clearly provide undeniable evidence of the invoice data recorded at a specific date and time.  In turn, the Company believes this preserves data integrity and increases overall user trust and confidence in the payment system.

Then, through the use of the iNEO App, users can spend their acquired cryptocurrency with their digital wallet or iNEO debit card, which are also in development.  All funds and transactions will be digitally generated by computer code and are never tampered with, manipulated, monitored, or managed by a third-party.

“Our development team has been working diligently to build our proprietary iNEO platform,” said Kevin Gillespie, Chief Executive Officer.  “We plan to initially integrate iNEO into our portfolio of mobile games and apps, as well as supply API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) and open-source interfaces for other developers to use iNEO as a means for exchange and commerce to expand the iNEO ecosystem.”

About Arias Intel Corp.

Arias Intel Corp. is a digital media platform for tech, media, and gaming, which includes mobile apps and gaming, augmented and virtual reality, on-demand delivery, digital and social media, and e-commerce. The Company plans to generate revenue through in-app purchases, service fees, and cross-channel advertising.

The Company's focus is on developing innovative technologies that leverage connectivity, distribution, and social networks. The Company intends to use its digital platforms to implement its unique marketing strategy that empowers viral and social mechanisms to reach a growing demographic that utilizes: (1) mobile apps and gaming, (2) social media, and (3) on-demand delivery. The Company believes its platforms are entertaining, convenient and scalable. 

By combining these three fast growing business sectors -- mobile apps and gaming, social media, and on-demand delivery, along with our experienced development team led by the former EVP of Activision, management believes the Company's business platform can develop into a premier technology medium that attracts, engages and monetizes.

The Company intends to use its platform to build its subscriber base and boost users' engagement within its digital platforms to gather analytics and target advertising directly to users based on their preferences. The Company is also exploring opportunities to expand a suite of mobile games and apps that target similar audience demographics. The Company may explore these opportunities through the acquisition of operating companies, asset purchases or internal development.

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