Aterica Licenses mMed Patent Portfolio to Expand Application of its Digital Health Platform and Advance its Digital Health Initiatives for Individuals and Families

Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA

WATERLOO, Ontario, Jan. 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aterica Inc. has entered into an agreement with New Directions Technology Consulting, LLC (NDTC) as the exclusive licensee of the mMed Patent Portfolio. This agreement expands the application of Aterica’s Digital Health platform and the solutions that can be created for individuals and families living with chronic health conditions.

Aterica’s Digital Health platform improves the daily lives of individuals and families by providing reassurance that critical and life-saving medications and the people who support them will be available when they need it most.

“Aterica and NDTC’s managing director and sole inventor of the patents, Napoleon Monroe, share a vision, as well as thought and product leadership in individual-centric health innovation,” said Aterica VP of Marketing and Business Development, Mike Fisher. “Including the mMed Patent Portfolio within the Aterica Digital Health platform combines the beauty, boldness, and rigor of novel invention with the creativity and forethought of comprehensive intellectual property to drive innovation. Our shared vision for connected and improved medication delivery systems prompted the agreement.”

Aterica formalized its Digital Health platform, as initially encapsulated by its Veta Smart Case & App for epinephrine auto-injectors product family, to develop unique partner solutions leveraging its design, engineering, and commercialization expertise. Aterica’s mission to positively impact as many people’s lives as possible is facilitated by entering creative partnerships with pharmaceutical and device partners through custom solutions and private labelled products. Through these partnerships, Aterica improves medication management, adherence and provides new competitive, business and clinical insights.

Aterica’s combined Digital Health hardware and software platform incorporates extensive human factors design, security and reliability engineering, and high-volume manufacturing and operating processes to solve compelling daily problems and impact the daily behavioral challenges of living with critical and life-threatening conditions that may occur infrequently, but require timely administration of medications. The first product based on Aterica’s Digital Health platform is Veta Smart Case & App, the world’s first anaphylaxis and food allergy support system for individuals and their families. This smart case for the epinephrine auto-injectors and connected mobile app work together to connect loved ones and caregivers to people living with life-threatening allergies, resulting in increased freedom, security and confidence for both patients and their families.

“Our mission at Aterica is to provide those individuals and families the technology they need to live safer, simpler and happier lives. For example, allergen exposure can be life-threatening to affected children and adults, which is why they need to practice daily vigilance and carry their epinephrine auto-injector with them at all times.” says Alex Leyn, CEO of Aterica. “Veta is the first application of our Digital Health platform that connects individuals with their life-saving medications and the support of people who love them to provide reassurance in both daily lives and crisis events.”

About Veta Smart Case & App

Veta system includes a smart case, which replaces your stock epinephrine auto-injector case (initially supporting the EPIPEN auto-injector) and a mobile app, running on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android mobile devices, connecting to your support circles through the cloud. Veta introduces a number of critical support features, including the following:

  • Electronics and sensors that integrate with a cloud-enabled mobile app infrastructure to 
ensure peace-of-mind for auto-injector users, their families and their extended support 

  • Support Circles (both private and extended) allow individuals and families to stay connected to 
support someone living with anaphylaxis and provide comfort and assistance in the event of a 

  • Ability to locate a misplaced auto-injector and receive alerts when the auto-injector and its user are separated; 

  • Ability to monitor temperature and expiry dates that could affect integrity of epinephrine inside the auto-injector; 

  • When the auto-injector is removed from the Veta Smart Case, signaling a possible serious anaphylactic reaction, Veta shares information about the user’s location and broadcasts an Auto-Injector Removal alert to the user’s private support circle. 

About Aterica Inc.:

Aterica is a consumer-focused digital health company that develops health measurement, monitoring, and diagnostic products to enable individuals and families to actively manage their health on their own terms. Its technical team is comprised of professionals from many disciplines, including biochemistry, mechanical and electrical engineering, industrial design, medicine, and cloud and mobile software. Aterica is initially focused on the growing worldwide issue of anaphylaxis and food allergies. Aterica has created Veta, a comprehensive anaphylaxis and food allergy support system. 

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