Ocean, New Jersey, Jan. 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- If a car under warranty is immobilized for a period greater than or equal to seven days, the duration of the manufacturer's warranty is extended by the same amount of time. Offered by almost all manufacturers and auto insurance providers (except Koreans), the extended warranty as its name suggests is intended to extend the benefits of the manufacturer's warranty for between one and three years.

The vehicle owner pays for the protection in monthly payments throughout the period covered. Liberty Auto Protection urges all motorists interested in this type of insurance to pay attention to the applicable terms in the contracts. Each protection comes with wide-ranging exclusions of certain parts and limitation of mileage.

For this reason, it is vital to pick the right plan that matches specific coverage requirements. This provides a surefire way to maximize value for money depending on the age or condition of the vehicle.

Fine print

Like all insurance contracts, extended warranty agreements outline conditions and exclusions in the fine print. Car owners should read these terms properly or consult with an expert to avoid any misunderstandings. In general, routine maintenance, adjustments, balancing and common consumer items, such as filters are key issues addressed unambiguously in the contract.

The same applies to all liquids as well as parts subject to normal wear and tear due to regular use. In some contracts, the terms are followed by a parenthesis mentioning specific parts. In principle, this enumeration should correspond to wear parts that are excluded. It is important to note that the concept of wear and tear parts may not be identical for all service providers.

In some cases, items like the battery and the entire exhaust are excluded while others excludes the battery but covers the catalytic converter. It is also possible for car owners to notice that the list of parts the list is not exhaustive.

The Liberty Auto Protection difference

Liberty and Palmer Administrative Services offers an array of well formulated plans that provide adequate coverage based on vehicle age or condition. The plans and payment options are flexible, thus making it easier for vehicle owners to find the ideal plan for specific coverage needs.

Palmer Administrative Services provides detailed information about their services on the official website -- palmeradmin.com.

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