Hamilton, Jan. 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Mariner Endosurgery Inc., an innovative Canadian medical device company leading commercialization of computer-assisted medical devices for laparoscopic surgeries, announced today that it has received Investigational Testing Approval (ITA) from Health Canada.  Receipt of the ITA enables the company to initiate clinical testing of Mariner’s LaparoGuard computer-assisted surgery platform which is planned to begin February 2018 at Hamilton General Hospital.  Dr. Niv Sne, trauma surgeon proficient in advanced laparoscopic cases with Hamilton Health Sciences and Associate Professor of Surgery at McMaster University is the principal investigator for the initial studies.

“The receipt of Investigational Testing Approval for LaparoGuard computer-assisted surgery represents an important step in advancing an exciting new technology that we believe offers great promise in mitigating risk and improving confidence by enhancing visualization for surgeons,” commented Dr. David Langlois, Chief Medical Officer of Mariner Endosurgery.

About Mariner Endosurgery

Founded in 2016, Mariner Endosurgery Inc. http://marinerendosurgery.com develops and commercializes innovative computer assisted medical devices for future facing laparoscopic surgeries. Their flagship product LaparoGuard is a novel soft-tissue surgical navigation platform that augments visualization and enhances the safety profile to assist surgeons in delivering a superior quality of care to their patients.

Mitch Wilson, President & COO




David A. Langlois, MD, Chief Medical Officer