Jobcase Unveils Blockchain as Newest Component of Technology Roadmap

BOSTON, Jan. 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, an open-access community where people help people in their work-life pursuits, today announced the adoption of blockchain technology to assist individuals in building their own profiles. Blockchain will become a foundational layer in verifying, authenticating, and sharing resume-centric information in ways that empower employees in their own career pursuits.

The future of work will be characterized by numerous employers (often overlapping), frequent job changes, and much more contract and part-time work. Permanent single employer contracts will become less and less available.  Further, to maximize work-life satisfaction, frequent updating in education and training -- often in single classes or single proficiencies rather than degrees -- will be the norm.  In the midst of this dynamic environment, people will be required to shepherd their own information in a ‘portable employee jacket.’  

The resulting problem of this work-future for potential employers is the verification of an individual’s stated skills, proficiencies, education, training and experience.  “Blockchain technology is the right technology, right philosophical approach, and right answer at the right time,” says Tony Deigh, CTO of Jobcase. “It decentralizes control with a trust-based system that is not dependent on any one organization or employer. It puts the individual first.”

Blockchain is the latest cutting-edge technology adopted by Jobcase. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are already key engines of the platform.

“Jobcase puts people first,” said Fred Goff, CEO of Jobcase.  “This is their information to be surfaced as they see fit. It’s not some piece of data to be hidden behind paywalls like so many other companies do.  To truly unlock the power of people-controlled profiles, a system of profile-related authentication must be developed where no one company controls the keys.  Blockchain adoption is the perfect choice for Jobcase as both the business model and philosophy is in sync with people-first, open access, decentralized controls.”  

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