O2Micro Reports Fourth Quarter and Yearly 2017 Financial Results

Santa Clara, California, UNITED STATES

GEORGE TOWN, Grand Cayman, Jan. 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Operational and Strategic Highlights:

  • Q4 2017 results were within the range of guidance provided in November 2017.

  • Fiscal 2017 revenue increased 6.4% over fiscal 2016.

  • GAAP net loss per ADS in the fourth quarter of 2017 was 7 cents, with non-GAAP net loss of 6 cents per ADS.

  • Due to market seasonality, revenue in Q1 2018 is expected to range between -2% and -8% compared to Q4 2017.

  • We remain optimistic about our growth drivers including backlighting, battery management and power products.

O2Micro® International Limited (NASDAQ:OIIM), a global leader in the design, development and marketing of high-performance integrated circuits and solutions, reported its financial results today for the fourth quarter and year ending December 31, 2017.

Financial Highlights for the Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year ending December 31, 2017:
O2Micro International Limited (“Company”) reported yearly revenue of $60.2 million, a 6.4% increase over 2016. Fourth quarter 2017 revenue was $15.2 million which was down 2% sequentially and down 4.3% from the same quarter in the previous year. The gross margin in the fourth quarter of 2017 was 50.5%, which was up from 50.3% in the prior quarter, and down from 54.1% in the fourth quarter of 2016. The gross margin remains in our target range and varies primarily with the quarterly revenue and product mix. During the fourth quarter of 2017, the Company recorded total GAAP operating expenses of $9.4 million, compared to $9.5 million in the third quarter of 2017, and $9.0 million in the year-ago Q4 period. The GAAP operating margins for the fourth quarter of 2017, the third quarter of 2017, and fourth quarter of 2016 were (11.5%), (11.1%), and (2.4%), respectively.

Q4 2017 GAAP net loss was $1.9 million. This compares to a GAAP net loss of $1.4 million in the third quarter of 2017 and a GAAP net income of $12,000 in Q4 2016. GAAP net loss per fully diluted ADS was $0.07 in Q4 2017. This compares to a GAAP net loss per fully diluted ADS of $0.05 in Q3 2017 and a GAAP net income per fully diluted ADS of $0.00 in Q4 2016.

Yearly GAAP net loss was $6.1 million in 2017. GAAP net loss in 2016 was $3.0 million including a $2.7 million one-time gain. GAAP net loss per fully diluted ADS was $0.24 in 2017. This compares to a GAAP net loss of per fully diluted ADS of $0.12 in 2016.

Supplementary Data:
The Company ended the fourth quarter of 2017 with $46.1 million in unrestricted cash and short-term investments or $1.80 per outstanding ADS. The accounts receivable balance was $9.2 million and represented 54 days sales outstanding at the end of Q4 2017. Inventory was $9.3 million or 119 days and turned over 3 times during Q4 2017. As of December 31, 2017, the Company had $58.7 million in working capital and the book value was $76.6 million, or $2.98 per outstanding ADS. As of December 31, 2017, O2Micro International Limited had a total of 372 employees worldwide, including 228 engineers.

Management Commentary:
“Our first quarter of 2018 revenue guidance reflects continuing design activities in the growth drivers of the consumer and industrial markets. We are pleased with our continued acceptance our technology including high end backlighting for the TV, power tools, household appliances, and automotive, despite the current dynamic market,” said Sterling Du, O2Micro’s Chairman and CEO. “We believe our solutions for these product segments will continue to contribute to our top-line growth in upcoming quarters and lead O2Micro back to long term profitability.”

Conference Call:
O2Micro will hold its fourth quarter conference call today, January 31st, 2018, at 6:00AM. Pacific, 9:00AM Eastern. You may participate using the following dial-in information.

Conference ID: 3027751
Participants, Int'l Toll: 719-325-2370
Participants, US/CAN: 800-967-7134

The Call-in Audio Replay will be available from January 31st, 2018 12:00 Eastern Time (US & Canada) through February 7th, 2018 12:00 Eastern Time (US & Canada)

A live webcast will also be available on the Company's website at http://ir.o2micro.com, and an online replay will be available on the website for one week.

About O2Micro:
Founded in April 1995, O2Micro develops and markets innovative power management components for the Computer, Consumer, Industrial, Automotive and Communications markets. Products include LED General Lighting, Backlighting, Battery Management, and Power Management. The Company maintains offices worldwide. Additional Company and product information can be found on the Company website at www.o2micro.com.

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(In Thousand U.S. Dollars, Except Per Share Amounts)
 Three Months EndedYears Ended
 December 31,December 31,
  2017 201620172016
NET SALES$  15,217 $  15,909 $  60,205 $  56,561 
COST OF SALES     7,525      7,302      29,426      27,317 
GROSS PROFIT     7,692      8,607      30,779      29,244 
Research and development (1)   4,774    4,118    17,989    15,645 
Selling, general and administrative (1)    4,673    4,866    19,047    19,481 
Litigation income   -    -      (19)     (23)
Total Operating Expenses     9,447      8,984      37,017      35,103 
LOSS FROM OPERATIONS   (1,755)     (377)   (6,238)   (5,859)
Interest income    87    77    344    301 
Foreign exchange (loss) gain – net      (84)     367      53      63 
Gain on sale of real estate       -       -     -     1,725 
Gain on sale of long-term investments      -       -       20       948 
Other – net     202      283      686      894 
Total Non-operating Income      205      727      1,103      3,931 
INCOME (LOSS) BEFORE INCOME TAX   (1,550)   350    (5,135)   (1,928)
INCOME TAX EXPENSE      329      338      1,010      1,058 
NET INCOME (LOSS)   (1,879)   12    (6,145)   (2,986)
Foreign currency translation adjustments   319    (905)   984    (397)
Unrealized (loss) gain on available-for-sale securities   -    -    (1)   1 
Unrealized pension loss     (63)     (14)     (61)     (13)
Total Other Comprehensive Income (Loss)      256      (919)     922      (409)
COMPREHENSIVE LOSS$ (1,623)$   (907)$  (5,223)$  (3,395)
Basic$   (0.07)$     - $   (0.24)$   (0.12)
Diluted$   (0.07)$     - $   (0.24)$   (0.12)
Basic (in thousands)     25,696      25,592      25,780      25,643 
Diluted (in thousands)     25,696      26,050      25,780      25,643 
Research and development$    53 $    52 $    221 $    231 
Selling, general and administrative$    335 $    320 $    1,368 $    1,375 

(In Thousand U.S. Dollars, Except Share Amounts)
 December 31,December 31,
Cash and cash equivalents$    28,520 $    31,332 
Restricted cash       35        32 
Short-term investments       17,601        21,532 
Accounts receivable – net       9,184        7,205 
Inventories       9,330        9,275 
Prepaid expenses and other current assets       1,245        1,106 
Total Current Assets       65,915        70,482 
LONG-TERM INVESTMENTS       3,112        4,253 
PROPERTY AND EQUIPMENT – NET     13,755      13,736 
OTHER ASSETS       2,300        2,218 
TOTAL ASSETS$      85,082 $      90,689 
Notes and accounts payable$      2,460 $      4,329 
Income tax payable       341        180 
Accrued expenses and other current liabilities       4,379        4,102 
Total Current Liabilities       7,180        8,611 
Accrued pension liabilities    355    281 
Deferred income tax liabilities       906        930 
Other liabilities     86      83 
Total Other Long-Term Liabilities   1,347    1,294 
Total Liabilities       8,527        9,905 
Preference shares at $0.00002 par value per share  
Authorized – 250,000,000 shares       -        - 
Ordinary shares at $0.00002 par value per share  
Authorized – 4,750,000,000 shares  
Issued – 1,669,036,600 shares as of December 31, 2017 and 2016, respectively
Outstanding –1,284,146,100 and 1,279,124,900 shares as of December 31, 2017 and 2016, respectively
       33        33 
Additional paid-in capital   142,946    142,738 
Accumulated deficits   (47,517)   (41,372)
Accumulated other comprehensive income    5,337    4,415 
Treasury stock – 384,890,500 and 389,911,700 shares as of December 31, 2017 and 2016, respectively    (24,244)   (25,030)
Total Shareholders’ Equity        76,555        80,784 


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