NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Jan. 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via OTC PR WIRE--SkyFidelity. Inc/Tricascade, Inc (OTC Pink:SRMX) SkyFidelity, Inc.’s subsidiary, TriCascade, Inc., an Internet of Things (IoT) technology company, has engaged legal counsel to file patent applications to protect the SkiQ design as well as the User Interface Functionality of the SkiQ Router.

The TriCascade 4G/LTE Gateway Hub known as the SkiQ Super Router will have enhanced LTE functionality as well as proprietary iPad and Smart Tablet pedestal docking to facilitate video and television streaming directly from the SkiQ device. The ability to position live streaming devices (iPad/Tablet) directly on the SkiQ Router will enhance live streaming capability by directly connecting WiFi devices with a networking router USB port - the first 4G/LTE/Fiber router to do so.

In addition to enhancing the live streaming video/television experience, the unique design of the SkiQ also facilitates FaceTime and Video Conferencing directly from the SkiQ Router pedestal.

In addition to seeking design patents, SkyFidelity will seek to patent the SkiQ’s proprietary IoT LTE module board designed specifically for 4G LTE Internet connectivity.

The SkiQ Home Gateway technology design also provides a 24/7 redundancy “failover” Internet connection which allows this device to be used with other networking equipment in the Point of Sale and Satellite Modem industries. The SkiQ Gateway can be connected to the cable/ADSL modem and simultaneously subscribe to the cellular Internet data service (LTE). When the Gateway detects the cable/ADSL disconnect with the Internet, the system will engage the cellular Internet (LTE) automatically to ensure the household or building will have Internet network connectivity.

The SkiQ Home Gateway will also integrate with an artificially intelligent “moonlight system” to identify networking functionality, climate or air quality condition, smoke alert or any add-on function of sensor capability available in the home. The SkiQ Home Gateway will also introduce a new mesh networking concept for an improved wireless network connection.

Protecting IP is essential to SkyFidelity’s long term investment strategies as it moves forward with the Smart Home Gateway concept which will coordinate all of your home’s entertainment, security and energy features.

About SkyFidelity/TriCascade

SkyFidelity, Inc.’s subsidiary, TriCascade, Inc., an Internet of Things (IoT) technology company has created a 4G/LTE Gateway Hub that provides consumers with the ability to access the internet directly from a SIM-based 4G/LTE Super Router called the SkiQ. The Company has designed this innovative communication device that will disrupt the traditional communications hardware industry, making routers, modems, satellite dishes,
set top boxes and media boxes obsolete. By taking advantage of the ability to connect simultaneously from both a fiber/cable internet connection as well as 4G/LTE, the Gateway Hub will replace the need for satellite internet (Hughes Net), Cable Internet (COX, Time Warner, Comcast) and ADSL Internet at a fraction of the cost, while supporting future expansion of 5G networks.

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