IRIO Announces SMS Marketing API Solution for Customer Comment Cards

Company Provides Eco-Friendly Option to Save Costs and Reach Customers Faster


DALLAS, Jan. 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IRIO, an SMS/MMS solutions company that creates custom application programming interfaces (APIs) for businesses to communicate and engage audiences, today announces the release of a Digital Comment Card solution. This program is the first of its kind and allows companies to autonomously communicate as well as gather real-time data from customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional comment cards.

“Customer feedback is a powerful tool for companies to provide exceptional service and drive brand loyalty,” said Russell Davis, president of IRIO. “This digital comment card solution for businesses will not only serve their customers with a convenient platform to provide feedback, but will cater to the instant gratification and tech-forward cultural norms that we all know and enjoy.”

The average person has a mobile phone within three feet of them 24/7, and looks at it at least 150 times per day, according to Portio Research. Sending a comment card via text message is more convenient than sending an email and fits seamlessly into consumers’ daily routines. To see the new digital comment card solution in action, text “FEEDBACK” to 47464.

According to IRIO, the cost of a traditional comment card varies from $0.40 to $0.85, plus shipping. This new digital solution slices the cost by up to 75 percent and greatly reduces the carbon footprint left by print materials. Additionally, brands can capture both new and loyal customer information instantly through the automated platform instead of waiting 15 days or more to evaluate an interaction.

“Companies must continually evolve to keep up with consumer’s insatiable appetite for a streamlined digital lifestyle,” said Davis. “This SMS comment card is the tool that will keep companies on the front end of innovation to gather data that not only tells them what customers want, but helps to solve tough business issues.”

The digital comment card is the newest of several SMS marketing solutions that IRIO offers and customizes to improve engagement, loyalty and conversion rates. Additional IRIO solutions include APIs for sales lag, lack of marketing automation, lack of engagement, call center bandwidth and hold issues, fundraising, recruitment, emergency and crisis communications, employee and resident communications, and more. Their custom enterprise solutions seek to benefit a wide variety of industries including retail, multifamily housing, universities, nonprofits and a multitude of segments within each.

To further reduce humanity’s carbon footprint, IRIO has partnered with Trees for the Future and Arbor Day Foundation in a Ten for One™ initiative. For every text sent, one sheet of paper is saved. Because one tree provides approximately 5,000 pieces of paper, IRIO and its customers save one tree for every 5,000 text messages sent. And when one tree is saved, they plant ten in its place. Hence, Ten for One™. In 2017, IRIO planted more than 48,000 trees in Eastern and Western Africa as well as the United States and remains committed to a sustainable future with each of its digital solutions.

IRIO delivers custom SMS/MMS solutions for today’s business challenges. Founded more than 10 years ago, IRIO recognized the potential of mobile messaging when the medium was in its infancy. IRIO empowers its clients to access their audience through custom mobile marketing solutions enhancing brand engagement and delivering real-time results. For more information about IRIO’s Mobile Messaging platform or custom APIs, visit, call 877-268-0032, or text “IRIO” to 47464.

Nicole Inal