TEMECULA, CA, Feb. 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hop-on, Inc. (OTC:HPNN.PK) announced today its subsidiary, Re-Medical, Inc., is creating jobs for a new culture, appealing to those who have lost interest in cubicle jobs or working in corporate hypocrisy. Re-Medical is seeking professionals from more traditional industries looking to land a job on the ground floor of our Company, in an industry with huge potential. 

The industry is standing strong amidst the recent decision by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to rescind the Obama administration memo that has protected and fostered state-based cannabis legalized programs.

In his communication, Sessions rescinded the Cole memo, an August 2013 document named for its author, then–Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole. The Cole memo guided federal prosecutors not to expend resources prosecuting state-legal marijuana businesses unless a case met one of eight law enforcement priorities, such as distributing pot to minors or trafficking product across state lines. Within the industry, and in legal practice, it was widely interpreted to mean working or investing in this federally illegal industry did not put people at risk of federal prosecution.

With this protection in place, legal cannabis became one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. Sales jumped from $1.5 billion in 2013 (U.S.) to an estimated $10 billion (for North America) in 2017, according to Arcview Market Research. The industry now employs more than 150,000 Americans and has become more deeply entrenched in every quantifiable way.

Oaksterdam University in California is one of the few formal institutions that trains professionals in the cannabis industry. "The cannabis job market is growing, but many who are interested in the industry have been fearful of prosecution by the DEA. But that is changing," said Dale Sky Jones, Executive Chancellor of Oaksterdam. "A U.S. appeals court recently decided unanimously that the federal government may not prosecute people who grow and distribute medical marijuana if they comply with state laws. While this ruling currently affects states within the 9th Circuit, the decision will influence other circuits across the country. This is huge, as it is very likely that more people will now feel safer about entering the cannabis industry."

Peter Michaels, CEO of Hop-on, states, “Creating jobs in the medical marijuana industry should keep the Trump administration from cracking down on cannabis companies, especially since over 25 states have some sort of legal medical marijuana legislation and seven states have legalized recreational use. The market is ready to explode further as marijuana will soon be legal in all of Canada.”

Re-Medical, Inc. is a Hop-on company focused on providing next generation pain killers and other nutraceutical products, delivering cannabinoids via transdermal patches and other novel technologies.  The company has developed and isolated the benefits of cannabis and other vital plant extracts for best patient care. There are an estimated 80+ cannabinoids found in cannabis, each providing distinctive neuropathic effects. The company is applying for patents for transdermal delivery of cannabinoids and other nutraceuticals. Re-Medical offers cost effective transdermal solutions that provide accurate and clean delivery of these unique compounds.

Hop-on, Inc. (HPNN.PK) is a global ODM and OEM manufacturer of electronics, based in the United States.  Over the past 20 years, Hop-on has successfully secured essential patents for mobile communications and computing technologies, and is respected for developing the world’s first disposable cell phone. Hop-on's focus on smartphones and innovative mobile device applications is bringing cost friendly solutions to today's demanding world market. Hop-on is also diversified in delivering cannabis remedies. For more information, please visit www.re-medical.com

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