New York, NY, Feb. 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recall Studios announced its plan to launch a new Augmented Reality (AR) mobile app later this month that harnesses the power of Apple’s ARkit to strengthen the relationships between children and their friends and family.  

The app allows parents to hide photos of friends and family along with 3D animals, creatures and objects around their house.  Once the objects are hidden, the child must use the phone to find the objects.  

Often circumstances prevent our loved ones from being physically present. AR Hide & Seek allows your child the ability to gain exposure to the people we love through a fun, interactive game setting.

“AR Hide & Seek gives children the ability to play with friends and family even when they are far away.  My child can search the house for me even when I’m at work,” said Bradley Albert, President & Chief Creative Officer of Recall Studios.  

The app is set to launch in the weeks leading up to Easter and will allow parents to create an entire AR Easter Egg hunt with their iPhone or iPad.

The app is free and comes with 3D Easter related objects such as the Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs and baby chicks.  A Dinosaur pack, a Princess pack and a Farm Animal pack are available for in app purchase.  

In order to help launch this innovative product, former Recall CEO Alex Bafer has rejoined Recall Studios as CEO after a temporary hiatus.

“I am pleased to rejoin Recall at this exciting juncture. This is the first of several amazing products that we plan to release this year and as a father of four AR Hide & Seek touches a special place in my heart,” said Mr. Bafer.

Bradley Albert