HOUSTON, Feb. 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MicroSeismic, Inc. (MicroSeismic) announced today that the company will reinstate its Gift of Hearing Program as the kick-off of its 15-year anniversary. Since 2014, through this program, MicroSeismic has donated over $84K to various hospitals and is committing to an additional $60K this year.

The Gift of Hearing program began in 2014 to provide hearing devices for children with mild to severe hearing loss whose families could not afford treatment. During that time, more than 55 devices were fit, addressing hearing loss in almost 40 children. However, due to the industry downturn and until recently, the program was put on hold.

Dr. Soham Roy, Director of Pediatric Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery) for the University of Texas – Houston Health System, stated, “Three years ago, MicroSeismic came to us with a wonderful opportunity to help the children in our health system with hearing loss. Many children are diagnosed with hearing loss at a young age, and in many cases the appropriate treatment is a hearing aid. Unfortunately, many health insurers do not provide coverage for hearing aids, leaving these children without the opportunity to develop normal hearing, speech and language if the family cannot afford hearing aids. MicroSeismic’s Gift of Hearing program allowed us to provide hearing aids to those children whose families otherwise couldn’t afford it. The importance of MicroSeismic’s donation for these children can’t be overstated.”

“When our department was first approached by MicroSeismic back in 2014, we immediately realized that the charitable donation was not just a financial gift but more significantly a gift of hearing for our most precious patient population: infants and children,” said Dr. Mackenzie Hill, audiologist, UT Health. “With the tremendous growth in our department over these past few years, the grant will no doubt have a greater impact and afford hearing impaired children and their families with the necessary means to connect with the world around them. On behalf of these children and families, as well as our audiology team, we offer our greatest appreciation to those at MicroSeismic for their kind and generous heart!”

“One of the aspects of microseismic technology is to “hear” unique sounds under the earth’s surface; when the company initially started this program, it was with that in mind. Hearing is something so many of us take for granted, so when the company learned of this profound need, we knew we wanted to do something. It is a privilege for each of us at MicroSeismic to be able to help these children hear sounds, such as their parents’ voices for the very first time,” said Peter Duncan, President and CEO, MicroSeismic.

Duncan added, “With the success of the company and its continued growth, what better way to commemorate our 15th year than to reinstate a program that has such a vast effect on our community and one that we value very much. We are also thankful to our customers who have helped us sustain and advance our business, even through trying times - this Gift of Hearing belongs to them as well.”

When an individual is diagnosed with hearing loss, one of the first thoughts that occurs to the family is “how will we be able to afford proper treatment?” Many insurance plans, including Medicaid, do not provide coverage for this impairment, resulting in out-of-pocket expenses by the patient’s family. Unfortunately, it is this lack of coverage that brings one of, it not the greatest challenge to audiologists’ ability to treat hearing loss. With this in mind, it is MicroSeismic’s passion to help in this area of need as much as possible.

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