SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prey Software, provider of the cross-platform, open source anti-theft software that protects more than eight million mobile devices, today announced that 35 new health care organizations have licensed Prey Anti-Theft, securing more than 3000 mobile devices over the past year. Prey is a cost-effective solution to track and lock down mobile device location within a hospital or health care facility, with instant alarm and tracking of stolen devices.

Mobile devices use continues to skyrocket in health care industry, as providers increasingly receive, store, process, and transmit patient clinical information using mobile devices. The 2017 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey found that medical device security, patient safety, and data breaches were key worry areas for security professionals. Mobile devices can present vulnerabilities in health care organizations’ networks. Many acute providers have life-sustaining or life-saving medical devices, which require both security and GPS tracking to ensure they can be located quickly for time-critical procedures.

Prey Anti-Theft is ideal for healthcare and HIPAA compliance, providing an extra barrier of protection for records and patient data. Prey’s open source platform ensures the product’s price tag is in line with budgets. Prey’s multi-device management capabilities enable health industry IT departments to track and control fleets or more than 30 devices, and to implement policies that prevent the loss or theft of those devices. Employees and patients can also protect additional personal devices with the free consumer version of Prey.

Prey Anti-Theft also benefits health care practitioners and providers with:

  • Geofencing and File Retrieval Capabilities – help secure devices before they can be lost or stolen, while advanced search, labeling, and mass action tools enable organizations to track and control in environments with 30 or more devices.
  • Multi-device Management – Prey’s new mass management capabilities streamline oversight of the mobile environment, with:
    • Mass Actions Controls – Trigger messages or alarms on thousands of devices to alert users to actions, such as turning in a medical device cart at the end of a shift.
     Advanced Search and Labels – Organize entire fleets of mobile devices with a versatile search engine and customizable tags that make it simple to manage groups within hospital departments.
  • Anti-theft Prevention – With the ability to monitor and protect devices and prevent them from ever leaving the hospital or health care organization in the first place, Prey offers:
    • Control Zones – Leveraging geofencing technology, Prey creates GPS-secured zones within a building, or across a medical campus.  Real-time notifications alert managers whenever a device leaves or enters an area for full control over the whereabouts of an entire fleet of devices. By monitoring devices proactively, Prey frees up resources to perform other tasks.
    • Remote File Retrieval & Wipe – Enables the retrieval and/or deletion of sensitive information via email, for added protection of mobile devices that receive, store, process, and transmit patient clinical information.

“Prey Anti-Theft allows Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center (JHCHC) to take pictures, send messages, and monitor our fleet of laptops. Most importantly, it gives us the ability to erase data or lock a computer and prevent access to it. If someone loses a laptop, we can prove we did everything possible to protect the data on it," said Markeese Robinson, CIO at JHCHC. “Prey is great at verifying a computer is in the right hands. It provides JHCHC with an extra layer of security and helps keep patient data safe.”

“Hospitals need a simpler approach to deploy and manage enterprise-class device security, both to protect the devices and their data, and to ensure critical equipment can be located quickly in time of need,” said Carlos Yaconi, founder and CEO of Prey Software. “Health organizations worldwide are turning to Prey as the affordable, flexible and platform-agnostic solution for mobile device security.”

Pricing & Availability
Prey Anti-Theft is available for all major platforms: iOS, Android, Linux, Ubuntu, Windows and MacOS. Pricing is based on the number of devices. It begins at .70 cents per device, all features included, for low-scale deployments; as the number of devices increases, the per-device price continues to scale down.

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About Prey Software
Prey Software is the only provider of anti-theft solutions for tracking and protecting mobile devices that can manage and secure all of an organization’s mobile devices from the same place. Installed on more than 8 million devices worldwide, Prey’s cross-platform, open source security solution consolidates mobile device management on a single account, no matter how many different device manufacturers or operating system need to be tracked. Find out more at

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