Verifundr Moved to Next Phase Reports APT Systems

SAN FRANCISCO, CA , Feb. 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- APT SYSTEMS, INC. (OTC Pink: APTY), a fully reporting public company in the Fintech sector, is pleased to announce that it has formally engaged the services of Difitek, Inc. to build the Verifundr escrow and payment platform. We look to Difitek to provide us with a modern framework, architecture and bank grade security features.

The Difitek platform and API is currently used to build online platforms and marketplaces globally all with a view to managing private placements, securities, real estate, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, and utility tokens. Their expertise will support Verifundr objectives and all projects currently on the table and more importantly, the Intuitrader trading platform as well.

 “We are excited to build our own unique digital finance marketplace and now, over the top to work with the team at Difitek, the newly branded operational arm of Crowd Valley Inc.,” says Glenda Dowie, CEO of APT Systems, Inc. “Their expertise is needed in all areas of our operations and we thrilled to have them officially on board after months of discussions.”

RCPS Management, Inc. was created as a subsidiary of APT Systems, Inc. to allow management to explore and build financial systems.  Verifundr, through collaborations, will provide escrow and transfer services to clients both bankable and the unbankable that run legitimate operations.  Last year we joined the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance Network and will seek their expertise and input when developing our smart contracts that allow parties to complete agreed upon terms successfully and safely. We employ Blockchain ledger technology where it can enhance the security and history of transactions undertaken on the platform. To learn more, visit our website at

About Difitek: The digital finance company, Difitek Inc, provides the end to end infrastructure needed to launch digital banking and online finance products and services that are accessible through a single on-line interface layer (API) and supported by our highly scalable cloud back office. Today supported platforms are in use worldwide utilizing our core features: security, robustness and trust.

About APT Systems: The Management of APT Systems, Inc. works to deliver stock trading tools like Kencharts and its platform Intuitrader, with a focus on handheld devices, while also strategically acquiring other compatible financial businesses which demonstrate strong growth potential. We are continuing our diligent search for software products that would enhance our operations while still watching dialogue on the proposed legislation for the Fintech National Banking Charter. Management launched its subsidiaries SNAPT Games, Inc. and RCPS Management, Inc. to further facilitate new financial products and long-term goals.

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