BICOM Communications launches B NATION, the first Canadian nano influencers community

Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

MONTREAL, Feb. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BICOM, a national communications agency, announces the launch of B Nation, the first Canadian community dedicated to building a network of nano-influencers. Defined by their social networks of under 1,000 followers, the nano-influencers shine within their highly engaged communities. Born from the premise that we can all be a source of inspiration, B Nation will help connect brands with their consumers to enable discovery, offer exclusive experiences and influence consideration among family and friends. To register as a nano influencer and join the B Nation community, please visit
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Over the last decade, BICOM has built solid relationships with influencers at all levels based on trust, transparency and authenticity, From journalists, celebrities, athletes and bloggers to industry experts, the agency collaborates on a regular basis with these key opinion leaders to help elevate their clients’ brand. Micro influencers (1000-5000 followers) have increasingly become part of brand influencer strategies. Recognizing the growing importance these smaller reach social media influencers can have on a brand’s business objectives, BICOM wanted to look further into the nano bracket and commissioned the marketing research agency Callosum to conduct a study to determine how impactful they are on purchase intent.

Intuitively, the next step was to reach out to Canadians from coast to coast to build a community with whom we could engage and maintain a special relationship. The results of the study indicate that nano influencers can hold the power of persuasion! says Vicky Boudreau, cofounder of BICOM.

The power of nano influencers: excerpts from the study*

  • As a general rule, recommendations from friends and family have the greatest influence on buying intentions; up to 10 times more than celebrities;
  • YouTube and Facebook are the two social media platforms with the greatest potential impact for recommendations, followed closely by Instagram;
  • The endorsement of brands by celebrities on social networks seem to have the least impact on purchasing intentions;
  • Of the industries evaluated, Hospitality (bars & restaurants) is the one where we note the greatest impact of the recommendations from nano influencers;
  • In Beauty, nano influencers’ recommendations lead the way, followed very closely by micro influencers (between 1,000 and 5,000 followers), regular influencers (10,000 and +) then celebrities.


Guided by an entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to innovate for more than a decade, BICOM serves the needs of clients across Canada from their offices in Montreal and Toronto.  A team of 40 results driven, passionate professionals offer complete communication services in media relations, influencer marketing, event planning and production, content creation and social media management. BICOM is fearless when helping brands achieve business objectives, exploring new paths and solutions to make it happen. 

*Excerpt from the study Analysis of the impact of Nano Influencers on social networks on the purchase intentions by Callosum, commissioned by BICOM.

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