Connexion Health Launches by Unveiling a Health and Fitness Platform for the 21st Century; Sacramento Kings Are First NBA Team to Announce Use of High-Tech Kiosk

Connexion’s AI-Powered Kiosks and Extensible Platform are Poised to Disrupt Healthcare Across a Wide Range of Industries

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

  • The Connexion platform, a walk-in kiosk powered by artificial intelligence and sensor technology combined with an extensive online marketplace for health and fitness apps, delivers unprecedented insights and personalized action plans to improve health and fitness
  • Connexion Health aims to transform the sports science sector through early customers, including the Sacramento Kings of the NBA, with a wide range of industries to follow

LANCASTER, Pa., Feb. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today Connexion Health announced the National Basketball Association’s Sacramento Kings as the first sports team to announce its plans to utilize Connexion, an AI-powered health and fitness technology platform.

Connexion is a walk-in kiosk that fuses multiple powerful sensors with AI for touchless, automated health assessments, coupled with an extensive app marketplace capable of enabling countless health and fitness apps. Connexion is poised to dramatically increase access to care, streamline the healthcare experience, and empower individuals with personalized insights and action plans.

The Sacramento Kings will use Connexion to measure and analyze their players’ key physical attributes including their posture, lateral balance, and body movement, in order to prevent injuries, improve their on-court performance and fitness levels, and lengthen their playing careers.

“Utilizing the latest advancements in sports science, we’re providing our athletes with the necessary information to keep their competitive edge and maximize their performance potential,” said Dr. Manny Romero, Sacramento Kings’ Head Athletic Trainer. “Connexion will provide an unprecedented amount of data, unlocking deep insights into athlete performance and health, creating an advantage in training and recovery. We’re excited to debut such groundbreaking technology,” added Pete Youngman, Sacramento Kings’ Director of Sports Medicine.

Connexion Health partnered with Fusionetics, a global leader in performance health solutions for more than 300 professional and college athletic teams, to develop the first app for Connexion, Fusionetics+. The app pairs Connexion’s advanced AI and sensor technology with Fusionetics’ best-in-class Movement Efficiency Screening to provide touchless movement assessments and personalized training programs in real time.

In addition to its focus on sports science, Connexion Health aims to disrupt the status quo of healthcare through the use of their state-of-the-art technology to create a new patient experience, improve health outcomes, lower costs, and reduce the burden on physicians.

Connexion Health is actively engaging with health systems, doctor’s offices, hospitals, fitness centers, sports camps, and physical therapy offices to add Connexion to their facilities. Connexion Health is also working with a number of third parties to develop a wide range of new health applications to run in the kiosk; Senaptec, a leader in brain health technology for sensory skills, is already scheduled to develop Connexion applications that assess, analyze, and improve sensory perception. Connexion Health envisions Connexion being utilized across a wide range of industries, including retail businesses such as sporting goods stores and pharmacies, or employer locations such as factory floors or corporate offices. As new apps, sensors, and functionalities are added to the platform, Connexion Health will continue to expand the market opportunity for Connexion.

The immersive and user-friendly kiosks connect and integrate best-in-class technologies to rapidly produce deep insights. Connexion users, whether they fall into the category of athletes, patients, employees, or everyday consumers, will be able to experience several health and wellness applications, now under development, within the kiosk — from automated musculoskeletal assessments to dermatological screenings to guided physical rehabilitation.

“In today’s era of highly connected, real-time technologies, consumers expect technology to make their lives significantly easier and more convenient – and the healthcare arena is no longer the exception,” said Steve Dailey, CEO of Connexion Health. “With consumers increasingly taking ownership of their healthcare, it’s vital that their employers and healthcare providers give them the tools they need to make better and more informed decisions about their care. Connexion is the ideal platform to achieve that goal, and by following an app-based model, Connexion enables individuals to live healthier, happier lives in the most convenient way possible.”

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About Connexion Health
Connexion Health, the latest company from Aspire Ventures, is a technology company focused on disrupting healthcare and changing the way we manage, understand, and improve our health. The first product, Connexion, is powered by Aspire’s adaptive AI platform, A2I, and sensor technology to give people on-demand access to automated health assessments, deeper health insights, and action plans for next steps to better health.


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