Ingenious Cleaning Invention Reduces America's Plastic Garbage, Carbon Footprint and Consumer Prices

Launch of new cleaning technology by Winning Brands and DAZZ reaches out to consumers, retailers, environmental organizations and industry allies

DENVER, Feb. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via OTC PR WIRE--Winning Brands Corporation (USOTC:WNBD) and SunState Labs are launching an innovation that can slash the enormous quantity of plastic bottle garbage flowing into America's waste systems, as well as reducing consumer prices in the most popular category of cleaning product spray cleaners. Americans throw away approximately a billion empty plastic spray cleaner bottles per year at home, business and in industry - and the problem is growing. This national habit is wasteful and expensive. The innovation, called DAZZ, reduces this waste dramatically, while offering new consumer benefits.

DAZZ accomplishes this by replacing the active ingredients of typical pre-filled spray cleaners, which are mostly water by volume, with an exceptionally concentrated tablet the size of a penny the most efficient refill method ever developed for this use. When the contents of the spray cleaner bottle have been used-up, the DAZZ ConcenTab is simply dropped into the same spray bottle again, filled with ordinary tap water. The DAZZ ConcenTab automatically converts the water into a top quality cleaning solution through effervescent bubbling action. Different tabs are available for different uses, and each creates a different color for easy recognition, such as blue for window cleaner. Each has its own contemporary fresh scent. The spray bottle does not need to be thrown away. This savings cycle can be repeated endlessly; less waste, lower cost. DAZZ also cuts the cleaning industry's overall carbon footprint by reducing highway freight movements of standard pre-filled inventory, reducing secondary packaging and warehousing space. A truck that can carry 15,000 standard pre-filled bottles can carry over a million DAZZ ConcenTabs instead. DAZZ does all of this while maintaining the high standard of cleaning performance that consumers enjoy with today's leading spray cleaners.

With this easy replenishment, there is no need to throw the bottle away. Standard plastic spray bottles are so durable that they last for years of continued use, yet are typically thrown away when the bottle is empty for the first time. The cumulative waste is immense. DAZZ efficiency is so extreme that the DAZZ system may represent a tipping point for the re-use of spray cleaner bottles becoming America's new norm. DAZZ permanently eliminates the need to discard empty spray cleaner bottles, while also providing continuous savings to consumers through lower prices. Consumers do not need to purchase any proprietary cartridges. Consumers can use their own reusable sprayers or can use DAZZ branded reusable spray bottles for convenience. This is a breakthrough for ethical consumers who care about cleaning with a clear conscience. DAZZ is carefully formulated with naturally safe ingredients found on the EPA's CleanGredients list.

DAZZ has been test-marketed with consumers and is proven to meet their expectations for performance, value and convenience. Winning Brands and SunState Labs are ramping-up commercialization of this system to go mainstream by reaching out to consumers, investors and potential industry allies, in order to take DAZZ to the next level.

Independent lab testing has shown that the tab-activated DAZZ cleaning solution performs as well or better than leading spray cleaner brands at a fraction of the cost of standard pre-filled bottles. Various DAZZ tablets are available for the most popular uses such as windows/glass, all-purpose and bathroom/kitchen, with more coming.

DAZZ tablets are available in packets that occupy little space for easy storage in a kitchen drawer or almost anywhere. The impact of the DAZZ system can be to eliminate millions of tons of plastic and other packaging waste, reduce carbon creation, electricity use and highway transport issues associated with the manufacturing and distribution of pre-filled spray cleaners that are mostly water. Americans are not the only ones to discard a massive quantity of empty spray cleaner bottles annually; the problem is international with growing global affluence. 

The DAZZ system significantly reduces garbage generated by an average household's lifetime consumption of spray cleaner bottle packaging. Such environmental efficiency is of increasing interest to today's ethical consumers, ethical investors and government planners.


The joint venture business model between Winning Brands and SunState Labs divides the DAZZ mission between two areas, technical development and commercialization. Representing technical development is David Shahan, Chief Innovation Officer of SunState Labs. Representing commercialization is Winning Brands CEO, Eric Lehner.

The ownership of intellectual property resides with the developer, SunState Labs, while commercialization will take place through the public company, Winning Brands, which will provide capital for growth and be the vendor for DAZZ; sales to distribution channels will flow through Winning Brands.

The joint venture will share profit between the developer and the commercializer. The joint venture agreement is contained in a Memorandum of Understanding, effective immediately, with timelines and minimum performance requirements for these rights to be sustained. Adequate safeguards exist for both parties in various scenarios, including benefiting from future growth. By this method, the public is also able to share in the business potential of DAZZ through the existing public entity (USOTC: WNBD).

Winning Brands management views its shareholders as a collaborative (affinity) community to help achieve growth for DAZZ by assisting the company to expand the reach of DAZZ and share in its success accordingly.

Direct subscription and private placement opportunities are also being developed on a "testing the waters" basis in accordance with SEC regulations permitting same. Indications of interest by investors are invited by Winning Brands on a non-binding, non-solicitation basis to, where regulations permit.

An initial 250,000 DAZZ kits have been manufactured and are now ready for distribution. DAZZ is ready in every way for immediate commercialization. The product has been designed and packaged to be clip-strip compatible for maximum space efficiency in retail settings.


The Winning Brands DAZZ joint venture will pursue an "omni-channel" approach so that industry allies can emerge wherever they wish to participate. DAZZ will also be offered, effective immediately, on a "product subscription" basis. In this arrangement consumers will receive a monthly mail delivery of an assortment of tablets automatically, if it is not convenient to visit a store for replenishments. Mailing envelopes containing replacement tablets fit through traditional household and apartment mail slots and do not require special courier arrangements.

The product subscription model has shown enormous growth and acceptance since the iconic success of the Dollar Shave Club, for which today's subscription industry is grateful, because of the "proof of principle" that it demonstrated to regularly deliver high quality consumer products through the mail to a vast number of subscribers. DAZZ is the first viable cleaning product for the subscription distribution model because of DAZZ's cost-effective shipping characteristics and elimination of the risk of spillage in transit. The availability of DAZZ by subscription also eliminates effort by consumers to find a physical retailer in DAZZ's early days of distribution.

Traditional retail distribution will also be pursued for the benefit of consumers who prefer impulse buying options and to share the benefits of DAZZ commercialization with retailers who would like to become allies to this environmentally responsible initiative and participate in the growth of the brand.

Eric Lehner, CEO of Winning Brands, comments: "Our goal for the future of DAZZ is to share the opportunity of its consumer growth potential with industry allies who would like to participate through cooperative business arrangements. We know that there are already terrific cleaners in the market, and that many consumers will be content to stay with their established relationships. But a large number of other consumers may take this opportunity to do themselves and the planet a favor by making DAZZ a part of their household. There is room enough in the vast cleaning category for all dedicated manufacturers and suppliers to exist and to provide consumers with increasingly sophisticated options. We are open to arrangements to accelerate the discovery and success of the DAZZ system. The international dimension of our growth is important too. The extraordinary cost efficiency of transporting even millions of DAZZ system tablets opens new opportunities in distant markets."

David Shahan, Chief Innovation Officer of SunState Labs and inventor of DAZZ adds: "We are starting with the three DAZZ uses ready to go, and more uses are on the way. The Jan/San industry could be a big winner with DAZZ too as we show commercial operators how to reduce costs while maintaining the quality of results. Our system is made in accordance with EPA standards, so it's a responsible choice on that level too. I have been working for years to get this innovation to this point. Now, I really care about having people discover how useful DAZZ is. It's a legacy that I am proud of and will continue to grow as we keep up our R&D and leverage our unique know-how. It's exciting to be making new friends and contacts with the Winning Brands joint venture. We are going to make a positive difference in the world and we are willing to share the growth opportunity with people who will help us reach these goals."

Meet David in his own kitchen here:

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DAZZ and Innovators Community

The Winning Brands DAZZ joint venture is the first to be launched under Winning Brands' Innovators Community initiative, This initiative fosters new product launches through joint ventures with innovators whose work deserves accelerated commercialization and would benefit from public engagement.

Winning Brands maintains a CEO weblog for the benefit of shareholders at It is a journal of the company's mission, providing answers to many shareholder questions. It is a regular source of public information pertaining to the company pursuant to SEC Fair Disclosure guidelines. Mr. Lehner also maintains a Twitter presence:

ABOUT WINNING BRANDS CORPORATION:  Winning Brands is expanding its scope to include cooperative product launches with innovators whose projects can benefit from public company partnership: Winning Brands has previously been, and continues to be, a manufacturer of record for advanced environmentally oriented projects. The DAZZ spray cleaner innovation is complementary to, not competitive to, Winning Brands' leading stain remover concentrate, 1000+ Stain Remover. The combination of these product offerings maximizes consumer options, depending on lifestyle and settings.

A MESSAGE FOR WINNING BRANDS SHAREHOLDERS: No arrangements have been made, and none are contemplated at this time, for the issuance of new shares for the conversion of convertible debt in connection to this news release. Furthermore, no arrangements have been made, and none are contemplated at this time, for a reverse split of stock. 


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