BOSTON, Feb. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Decision Point Healthcare Solutions (Decision Point), the leader in health plan member experience management, today published a new edition of the Decision Point Engagement Playbook that shows plans how to beat the CAHPS survey system by combining “mock” CAHPS (or satisfaction surveys) with machine learning techniques to create actionable intelligence and improve outcomes. The Engagement Playbook, entitled “Impacting Perceptions of Healthcare Access & Satisfaction,” explains how a plan can link member survey responses to each member’s clinical, utilization, and consumer personas; profile potential negative CAHPS responders; and build focused campaigns to turn their perceptions around. 

Download the Decision Point Engagement Playbook: “Impacting Perceptions of Healthcare Access & Satisfaction: Data Driven Approaches to Improving CAHPS.”

Receiving high CAHPS scores starts with being a high-quality healthcare organization providing excellent access to care and having meaningful processes in place to promote satisfaction.  Yet, CAHPS is so dependent on the demographic, utilization and disease profile of the population that even for these high-quality organizations, great care is simply not enough. Working with its customers, Decision Point has linked mock CAHPS surveys to other member-level data and has developed insights into CAHPS responders.

According to the Decision Point Engagement Playbook, the mystery of improving overall CAHPS performance can be unlocked by:

  • Understanding the profiles of individuals that are negative responders;
  • Anticipating every individual’s survey response even if you do not know if they will be selected for the CAHPS survey;
  • Understanding the potential reason why a person will respond in a specific manner; and,
  • Determining a meaningful action plan to communicate with individuals and change behavior and potential survey responses over time.

“Because health plans are judged by consumers, and in some cases, compensated by CMS on the results of the CAHPS survey, it’s fiercely important for plans to develop a strategy to improve perceptions of the plan and its network of providers across the entire member base,” said Saeed Aminzadeh, founder and CEO of Decision Point Healthcare Solutions. “The Decision Point Engagement Playbook details the approach that Decision Point has taken with a number of payers to help them raise their overall CAHPS scores.”

The healthcare industry’s CAHPS survey (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) is a healthcare consumer satisfaction survey that’s randomly administered to gauge an individual’s perception of healthcare access to care and specific areas of satisfaction.  Health plans are judged, and in some cases, compensated based on aggregate responses based on a small percentage of randomly selected individuals.

About Decision Point
Decision Point is a member experience management company that brings holistic predictive analytics to everyday health plan decision-making. Our 360 Engagement Platform empowers health plans to understand and predict every facet of a member’s health experience, enabling effective targeting and impactful, holistic interventions.  Decision Point aims to change the fundamentals of healthcare decision-making by predicting and acting on the entire member health experience, and delivering sustained improvements in outcomes across quality, utilization, satisfaction and retention domains. For more information about Decision Point, please visit

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