BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Feb. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It’s a combination of perseverance, strength, grit, and added oxygen that’s pushing USMC Sgt. Kirstie Ennis (Retired) to new heights, literally.  The 27-year-old, who lost her left leg in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan in 2012, is training to climb the Seven Summits – and she’s using OXiGEN™ to reach her goal.

“I absolutely notice a difference when using OXiGEN in my training,” says Ennis. “Oxygen is essential to life and by getting even more than I can from breathing alone, I’m getting an extra edge physically and mentally. I’m recovering faster from my training – and added oxygen at elevation is a no-brainer.” 

“We’re so proud to be helping Kirstie reach her Seven Summits goal, and have her onboard as an official OXiGEN brand ambassador,” says Blair Bentham, OXiGEN’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Kirstie represents all that we believe in at OXiGEN. She’s about excelling at everything she does, living life authentically, and generally kicking butt everyday, no matter what.”

“We are so incredibly honored to welcome Kirstie as OXiGEN's brand ambassador,” says Kathy Ireland, Chairman Emeritus and Chief Brand Strategist of Level Brands, Inc. (NYSE American:LEVB), the marketing and brand management conglomerate, which represents OXiGEN.  “Kirstie is a powerful and remarkable young woman, who inspires so many of us to be the best that we can be.  Our admiration for her courage, strength and determination is endless.  We are thrilled to take part in Kirstie’s journey as she trains to climb the Seven Summits,” adds Kathy.

Ennis and the OXiGEN team met thanks to their mutual relationship with The Heroes Project, an organization that makes the impossible a reality by empowering injured veterans through physical and emotional training. OXiGEN is a proud sponsor of the organization’s two main fundraising events, Cycle For Heroes and Climb For Heroes.

OXiGEN products contain the proprietary ingredient Activated Stabilized Oxygen (ASO®). ASO® is a highly stable O4 oxygen molecule, different from regular O2, which is compressed gas. When oxygen in the form of O4 is used in OXiGEN’s water and shot products, it doesn’t dissipate from the bottle when you open it. OXiGEN water contains 100 times more oxygen than regular water, while OXiGEN shot has five times more oxygen than OXiGEN water.

A 6-month, double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition showed OXiGEN goes to work almost immediately clearing lactic acid from the blood and boosting the body’s oxygen levels. As this happens, users experience faster recovery from exercise, enabling them to push harder and get back to training sooner. The benefits of added oxygen also included greater mental clarity, faster recovery from jet lag, alleviation of hangover symptoms, and more.

OXiGEN’s two functional products are distributed throughout the U.S. As part of Formula Four Beverages Inc.’s active international distribution program OXiGEN water is also available in Mexico and the Middle East. The company is looking to continue to expand on an international basis.

About OXiGEN
Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2014, Formula Four Beverages Inc. is the premier supplier of high-quality, science-based oxygenated beverage products that benefit the health, wellness and lifestyle of everyone; our products don’t discriminate. Its products are sold under the brand name OXiGEN™. For more information visit us at or chat with us through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @F4OXiGEN. ASO® is a registered trademark of Oxigenesis, Inc. Used with permission.

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