SAN MATEO, Calif., Feb. 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

WhoAccel Partners Jake Flomenberg and Zoomdata CTO Ruhollah Farchtchi
WhatAccel Partners Jake Flomenberg and Zoomdata CTO Ruhollah Farchtchi are hosting a webinar to discuss Trends in the Modern Data and Analytics Market and Industry Forecasts for 2018
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WhenThursday, February 22 at 12:00 pm Pacific time
WhySilicon valley venture capitalist Jake Flomenberg gets to see, track and make investments in the evolution of big picture technology trends across areas such as big data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and emerging modern data platforms and data types that are enabling organizations to be data and analytics-driven. Data driven companies make more effective information backed decisions and tend to significantly outcompete their peers operating on guesses and gut feel. Some companies are now even selling ‘data products’, for example aircraft engine manufacturers tracking and analyzing huge volumes of engine performance data to enable predictive maintenance, fixing things before failure to avoid costs and negative impact on customers.
 Jake will discuss trends he’s seeing related to the data analytics market, such as the growing need for self-service data discovery on very large volumes of data, analytics on streams of data, analytics on unstructured data, and contextual analytics embedded inside of software vendor and enterprise applications. He’ll discuss the characteristics of these markets, where he sees these markets going in the future, and why his firm chose to invest in a company like Zoomdata.
 Zoomdata CTO Ruhollah Farchtchi will then discuss industry trends he has forecast for 2018 including the eclipsing of relational databases by modern data platforms for doing analytics, how the cloud has changed the game for application development, and how working with streaming data is becoming the new normal. He’ll also discuss trends that are more specifically relevant to Zoomdata, such as how to leverage the value of company’s investments in modern elastically scalable back-end data infrastructure and how to get corresponding value on the front-end, such as the ability to analyze and get insights from huge volumes of data, streaming data, and unstructured data types.

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