NEW YORK, Feb. 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Via OTC PR Wire -- Recall Studios, Inc. (OTC:BTOP) Led by a team of PhDs specializing in cognitive psychology, learning and development, NameGames’ mission is to take learning and make it ‘personal.’  Their unique “edutainment” products are designed to strengthen important relationships between children and their loved ones by engaging in shared, rewarding experiences. The acquisition dovetails with Recall’s core strengths and solidifies its technologies.

“Recall and NameGames share the same drive to create products that use advanced learning techniques combined with cutting-edge technology to create stronger human relationships, so the acquisition was a perfect fit for us.” - Jordan Lippman, PhD, NameGames Founder.

NameGames has received many accolades including Parent Magazine’s Top Children’s App as well as being recognized as an important technology for children with special needs. The company has also conducted in-depth research studies around their games led by respected PhDs in the field of early learning. Recall plans to leverage NameGames’ expertise and experience to enhance the potential of their current software as well as create new products tailored to early learning.

The timing of this acquisition was ideal for Recall as they prepare to launch an augmented reality Hide&Seek game in the coming weeks that allows children to play with friends and family even when they are far away.  Both companies design games to teach children by engaging them in developmentally appropriate activities.  

The “edutainment” games help children develop important perceptual-motor, cognitive, and social-communicative skills that are aligned with Early Learning Standards from across the country and underlie early reading readiness. The synergy between the two companies made NameGames an ideal acquisition for Recall.

Recall’s AR Hide&Seek and NameGames suite of games are all focused on the importance of creating positive interactions between a child and the significant people in their life. 

“Our vision and experience combined with the academic and scientific backing of NameGames will help us develop game changing software in the AR/VR space.  We are not only going to bring people closer together, but are going to enhance the way they interact,” says Alex Bafer, Recall Studios CEO. 

Recall has already begun collaborating with NameGames’ designers to create new games and experiences that are not only fun, but that are backed by research to help children and families form stronger bonds and accelerate learning.  NameGames’ success in this area of early learning is supported by academic research and in-field studies and Recall Studios will fully capitalize on this highly specialized expertise.

The acquisition of NameGames provides Recall with a proven suite of apps to complement their forthcoming software releases.  This relationship will increase credibility with parents who represent one of the largest spending demographics in app stores and will drive significant revenue for Recall.

Recall looks forward to building on NameGames’ existing technology and studies to not only enhance their current products but to create a new suite of software under both the Recall and NameGames banner.

Source: Recall Studios, Inc.

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