ST. LOUIS, Feb. 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Two prominent parties of the gaming world coalesce, as UMG Media Corp. enters into a framework agreement for the acquisition of all rights and shares of Meta Threads LLC. With UMG expanding its reach within the esports industry, joining forces with Meta Threads creates a unique opportunity for UMG to provide its users with quality apparel and accessories.

UMG has a mission of elevating its brand and sharing its vision with gamers worldwide. With Meta Threads’ creative expertise and manufacturing capabilities, UMG is confident this union will cultivate a powerhouse organization. UMG will focus efforts on developing an exceptional line of apparel and accessory related products. UMG fans and gamers will have the opportunity to represent their interests and showcase their UMG pride.   

CEO of UMG, Dave Antony, shares more on this goal; “UMG continues to strive to bring excellence to gamers around the globe. We want to continue to serve our community with the highest quality standards, whether it relates to our platform, live events, the recent app launch, and now in hard goods. When we started looking at partnerships for our branded gear, Meta Threads kept coming to the forefront as a company we wanted to work with. Moving to acquire Meta Threads was a direction that all parties felt would be beneficial for both brands.”

“Our company’s mission is to provide innovative design and aesthetic for gamers. We continually work to deliver quality gaming lifestyle products and we believe the UMG partnership will only strengthen our ability to execute our vision. Our team is looking toward the future and is enthusiastic to be working with UMG,” Steve Nabi, President of Meta Threads

Developed with an adoration for gaming and fashion, Meta Threads blends street style with gaming culture. Crafted in Los Angeles, California, Meta Threads is a pioneer in the subculture of lifestyle gaming. Notable for premium, apparel collaborations with industry leading brands, Meta Threads has quickly made a name for itself within gaming and esports.

Meta Threads currently offers a wide selection of clothing and accessories that are stylish and practical for gamers. The LVL-3 Pack was designed with the traveling gamer in mind, from its USB charge port, modular compartment, and waterproof exterior that will keep all your gaming gear protected while in transit. The everyday, large capacity, backpack is ideal for gaming, travel and photo/video. To learn more about Meta Threads, you can find more information here:

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