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Cloudstreet Secures Telecom’s First US and European Patents for Application-Aware Network Slicing With Three Key Claim Approvals for this Critical 4G/5G Technology

Covering the essence of Dynamic Network Slicing, the three patents demonstrate Cloudstreet’s unique claims to enabling app-aware, cloud-based network slice request, authentication and delivery as well real-time slice orchestration in saturated cells

Helsinki, Finland / Barcelona, Spain, Feb. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Barcelona Spain and Helsinki, Finland, February 27th, 2018 - Cloudstreet, the Network Slicing Company, is thrilled to announce that it has secured approval for three key patent claims, one in the US and two in Europe that are essential to Dynamic Network Slicing and Network Slice Orchestration in radio networks. The three patents, applied for in 2013 when the company first demonstrated the power of network slicing in several PoCs and deployments, one with Nordic carrier Telia and the other with the US Government’s unified public safety network FirstNet. Together, they represent a key milestone for the Finnish innovator that is recognized as the first to deploy and commercialize the technology. 

Granted by the US Patent Office, no. 9,894,562 ("Profile Prioritization", TLE Ref 2013_02_US) and the Finnish Patent and Registration Office under Section 29a of the Patents Decree, the approvals follow years of application processing and an exhaustive global patent search. The patent grants stand as strong validations of Cloudstreet’s claim as both a leading innovator in the Network Slicing space and the only vendor to fully define the practice and deploy the technology in real-world use cases. 

The US patent falls under the title “Profile Prioritization”, and describe in detail the manner in which a wireless carrier network may be sliced to achieve dedicated, assured bandwidth for different use cases. The examples cited include broadcasting and public safety / critical communications. The European patents describe how through network slicing, carriers can begin Managing Wireless Transmission Capacity use case by use case. The first proving the claim of a Cloudstreet’s unique ability to enable and automate slice request, authorization and delivery from a standard IP-based cloud-server as a virtualized network function. The second patent, demonstrates the equally critical capability of negotiating slice request conflicts arising within a saturated cell, and the ability to orchestrate capacity across all network bearers to accommodate the new slice entrant. Taken together these two essential components govern the waterfront of the emerging application-aware dynamic network slicing standard.

“This opens up major new avenues for Cloudstreet while solidifying our position as an industry leader in this rapidly evolving space,” said Mika Skarp, Cloudstreet Founder, CTO and solution inventor. “We’re not only seeing our commitment to the network slicing vision and early R&D investments pay off, but playing a key role in contributing to the global body of knowledge in this fascinating area. The milestone should be as inspiring to telecom technologists as well as any inventor who has a eureka moment as we did back in the early 10s.” 

“We are very proud of the work the Cloudstreet team has done to land this important claim and bring this vision to life”, said Mika Suomela, Chairman of the Broad of Cloudstreet and partner with lead company investor VersoVentures. “From our perspective the ability to create, define, patent and commercialize a technology as essential as network slicing is the name of the game, and Cloudstreet has proven once again how game-ready they are.”

Readers who are interested in seeing some of these technologies at work live are invited to visit Cloudstreet in Barcelona at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Cloudstreet executives will be on-hand throughout the conference at Business Finland’s Pavilion in Hall 3 Stand 3B10.


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