OpsRamp delivers a newer, simpler way to monitor and manage operational environments in a hybrid world

Unified Service Intelligence presents a consolidated view of IT services and provides end-to-end visibility and control for the enterprise

San Jose, California, UNITED STATES

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OpsRamp, the IT operations platform for the modern enterprise, announces the launch of its SaaS-based Unified Service Intelligence solution. It combines service availability and performance including discovery, hybrid monitoring and service health dashboards, with incident management capabilities including event correlation, alert notifications and service level management.

The premise behind Unified Service Intelligence is a simple one: Infrastructure and operations professionals are overwhelmed with oceans of data on the health and activity of their systems. As the complexity of IT environments increase due to heterogeneous workloads, siloed tools, and rigid, inflexible processes, IT departments need a unified solution that delivers availability, performance and incident management in a simple, flexible service-oriented way.

“The adoption of modern workloads like cloud, containers and serverless have exponentially increased the rate of change. IT teams will need the right tools that are designed for managing rapid velocity across a complex footprint,” says Varma Kunaparaju, CEO of OpsRamp. “We’ve reimagined the best approach to IT operations management with Unified Service Intelligence. Our solution helps practitioners get a handle on their old and new workloads.”

“To meet the challenges of digital transformation, IT teams need the right tools that can handle rapid change across legacy and modern workloads,” said Nancy Gohring, senior analyst, application and infrastructure performance, for 451 Research. “Those tools must have a few key capabilities, including the ability to present insight into performance at the application level, solve common pain points associated with things like alert storms, automatically understand the dependencies in complex technology environments and offer the flexibility to serve multiple constituents in enterprises that are evolving organizationally.”

Unified Service Intelligence will include everything these practitioners need to work simply and efficiently, including:

  • Automated discovery and onboarding for turnkey deployment,
  • Hundreds of best-practice monitoring templates for simplified administration,
  • Integrations with IT tools and platforms for a consolidated view,
  • Service health context for all the critical services that the business cares about,
  • Organizational and role specific dashboards for easy access for the sysadmin and C-suite,
  • Intelligent event aggregation and correlation for faster mean-time-to-resolution,
  • Automated notifications to the right teams for faster mean-time-to-acknowledge, and
  • Service level management with native service desk or integrations with other ITSM tools.

Unified Service Intelligence will be available to all enterprises on February 28th. Read more at www.opsramp.com/solutions/unifiedserviceintelligence.

About OpsRamp
OpsRamp enables IT to deliver more workloads with less work. Built in the cloud, our operations management platform simplifies the management of diverse computing environments to accelerate the speed of IT. Now enterprise IT can discover, manage and optimize on-premises and cloud systems as one. With OpsRamp, IT can remove the shackles of legacy technology, automate service delivery and give business executives real-time visibility into the health of the systems they rely on.

Hundreds of organizations use OpsRamp to unify service availability, transform contextual insight into action and replace routine tasks with intelligent automation. Learn more: www.OpsRamp.com.

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