SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sysdig, Inc., the container intelligence company, today announced new customizable support packages for self-hosted Prometheus monitoring users. Sysdig started officially supporting Prometheus last year when metric support was integrated alongside statsD and JMX custom metric formats in Sysdig Monitor. This announcement represents another important step for Sysdig in the journey to build the most robust platform to operate containers in production.

Many enterprises in early-phase Kubernetes projects use open source Prometheus, but during the transition to production, operational tooling becomes a burden. The new custom support packages for self-hosted Prometheus environments from Sysdig ensure development time isn’t lost to monitoring software behind the scenes.

“Extending support to Prometheus is a no-brainer. For those developing cloud-native applications, Prometheus is the instrumentation method of choice. We are big fans of Prometheus,” said Apurva Dave, chief marketing officer at Sysdig. “Developers who choose Sysdig support get a safety net for their open source software that allows them to focus on what's most important - building their own software.”

A roadmap for deeper integration between Sysdig Monitor and Prometheus
The Sysdig vision includes continued, deeper integration of Prometheus capabilities into the commercial offerings of Sysdig Monitor. Sysdig Monitor is the industry’s most powerful container monitoring tool. It combines deep container visibility with rich Kubernetes and Docker metadata to provide better application monitoring.

Hundreds of enterprises already depend on Sysdig for enterprise-class container monitoring that is both reliable and scalable. It is a natural evolution for Sysdig to add Prometheus features – enterprises get the capabilities of the software without having to implement or manage it. The Sysdig Monitor Prometheus product roadmap includes:

  • Grafana support (in beta!), an easier way to look at Prometheus metrics
  • Expanded support of Prometheus metric types
  • Native use of a query language like PromQL
  • Easier migration between Prometheus and Sysdig Monitor

Prometheus support packages from Sysdig are available immediately. Support packages start at $15 per host, per month but can be custom tuned to the environment. Containers monitored, scale of metrics, and response times are customizable. For detailed information, specifications, a demo, and other offerings, visit

A Peak Behind the Scenes at the Dashboard
For more information on this announcement and to see what the dashboards look like, read the latest Sysdig blog, “Sysdig announces expanded Prometheus support options.”

About Sysdig
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