Digital Arts Media Network to Acquire Stake in ‘Reg CF’ Crowd Funding Portal; Expanding Accelerated Capital Formation Programs

Bronx, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Feb. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Digital Arts Media Network, Inc.  (OTCMKTS:DATI), a specialized tech accelerator leveraging the Public Accelerator-Incubator (PAI) model, announced today that the Company is in talks to acquire a strategic stake in a SEC registered and FINRA member, crowdfunding portal, where both accredited and non-accredited investors can invest in high-growth high-tech startup businesses.

“Several meetings with a number of companies and investors in the blockchain / crypto space, caused us to rethink the ‘why’ in our pursuit of aligning DATI with a FINRA approved crowd funding portal; then to justify those means with the ‘how,’” said Digital Arts Media Network CEO, Ajene Watson.  “I had to look no further than the recent success of StartEngine, which is a fairly young accelerator co-founded by Howard Marks (founder of Activision Games).

"StartEngine has raised approximately $35M for their clients, currently has an estimated valuation of approximately $65M dollars and leverages both Regulation D and Regulation A+.  Most important for us however, is that StartEngine also seems to leverage Regulation CF; just like the portal we have targeted to acquire a stake in.  This portal will give us the framework to truly offer end-to-end services to those startup and early-stage companies seeking traditional but accelerated capital formation, and/or, that wish to fully and legitimately leverage the ‘crypto’ market space.”

DATI and the targeted company have been in discussions regarding this acquisition since just before the new year [2018].  This crowd funding portal has seen an increase in ‘new issuers’ [prospective clients] needing financial assistance to effectively develop a Regulation CF compliant offering. DATI believes that the timing is critical as the targeted company has also seen a rise of ‘new issuers’ seeking to leverage the emerging crypto markets – TGE and ICO (Token Generated Events and Initial Coin Offerings) – and are turning to regulated crowd funding platforms to assist with securing the capital required to pursue these endeavors.

Digital Arts Media Network believes that its Public Accelerator-Incubator (PAI) model, aligned with a crowdfunding portal, will firmly position DATI to assist a startup and early-stage company, that is properly organized and operated, with their development needs.  The acquisition of a crowd funding portal, especially one already in the line of sight of the startup and crypto communities, is a perfect way for DATI to achieve a competitive advantage.

Mr. Watson concluded, “The acquisition of the initial equity stake will be made as part of our Invest+ program.  We will likely also have the opportunity to incorporate Angels+ to bring additional operational capital to the crowdfunding portal after the transaction is completed.  I strongly believe this portal will become a centerpiece of our business model – in how we onboard and initially fund companies, market and test a company’s market acceptance and support the launch of properly developed blockchain and crypto related companies and projects.”

ABOUT Digital Arts Media Network, Inc.

Digital Arts Media Network, Inc. (OTCMKTS:DATI) is the first company to utilize the Public Accelerator-Incubator (PAI) model, with the intent to follow the global success of accelerators and incubators around the world, adding niche opportunities to both the microcap and startup communities. As a PAI, Digital Arts Media Network will develop and acquire innovations that solve problems through digital platforms and other electronic applications.


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