Partners with Plotly to Bring Interactive Data Visualization Capabilities to Enterprise Data Science Teams and Plotly have partnered to enable collaboration between data science teams and business users with powerful, interactive data visualizations in an enterprise data science platform

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LOS ANGELES, Feb. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- To support collaboration between enterprise data science teams and decision makers, has partnered with Plotly, provider of the fastest growing charting libraries for R and Python and a suite of enterprise visualization tools including Plotly On-Premises. With Plotly, data scientists can translate complex datasets into interactive charts and web applications that surface important information quickly, a key capability for teams that strive to make a real business impact with data science.

Plotly’s open source offerings, including its visualization packages for R and Python, are fully compatible with’s enterprise data science platform. The Platform is designed to support the tools data scientists already love, and a staggering 97% of them prefer R and Python to proprietary languages, according to a recent survey by executive recruiting firm Burtch Works. customers can install Plotly packages when they boot up Jupyter or RStudio in the platform, or launch a session in an environment with Plotly already installed. Notebooks containing Plotly visualizations can also be published and shared instantly as interactive reports.

“Plotly is a favorite among our clients as well as our internal team of data scientists, who use it to tell compelling stories with data in our platform and share those analyses in interactive reports that other teams can leverage,” said Chief Strategy Officer William Merchan. “We’re looking forward to working more closely with Plotly to educate the enterprise data science community on the tools that can make them more self-sufficient, productive, and impactful.”

“At Plotly, our emphasis is on advanced visualizations and collaboration,” said Jack Parmer, CEO of Plotly. “’s mission of enabling collaborative enterprise data science speaks directly to what we are trying to accomplish with both our open source and enterprise offerings. We give data scientists the ability to build beautiful and useful applications that anyone can benefit from, using the languages they already know.”

To demonstrate how the Platform can be used in conjunction with Plotly’s new pythonic framework, Dash, to create a model-powered web application for business users, the companies will be hosting a joint webinar on March 27. To register for the hour-long session on analyzing IoT data for signs of network intrusion, hosted by Lead Data Scientist Jean-René Gauthier and Plotly Cofounder Chris Parmer, visit

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About Plotly

Plotly is the creator of Plotly.js, Dash, PLOTCON, and the fastest growing charting libraries for R and Python. Plotly’s online chart maker at is the easiest and fastest way to graph and share D3.js charts online. Plotly customers include Facebook, King Games, Red Hat, S&P Global Market Intelligence and government institutions. Join the data visualization conversation by visiting the Plotly blog, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


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